Recycling is essential in the current world. Accumulation of waste has an extensive negative impact on the natural environment. Greenhouse gasses and harmful chemicals get released into the atmosphere from landfill sites. As such, recycling is an excellent way of conserving the environment. It helps in the reduction and elimination of pollutants.

Whenever you recycle, it helps in the preservation of the natural environment around us maintaining earth for posterity and future generations. Moreover, you are assured to save considerable amounts of money through recycling. Here are ways to recycle various items and materials.

Aerosol Cans

These cans can get recycled with other cans provided that you get rid of the plastic cap and ensure that the canister is empty. The cans are used in the storage of everything ranging from bathroom products to food to paint.

Cell Phones

Previous reports by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reveal that less than 20% of cell phones manufactured get recycled annually. Moreover, only a few people know where to recycle them. The renowned Wireless Foundation renovates old phones to donate to domestic-violence survivor organization called ‘Call to Protect.’

You can also contact the Go Wireless Go Green Organization to get more information on other cell-phone charities. In various states like New York and California, retailers are required by law to accept and recycle old cell phones at no charge.


Whenever you take an old iPod to an Apple store, you are given a 10% discount for a new one. The old iPod is broken down systematically and disposed of properly. The discount is valid only when you hand in the old gadget. Therefore, you should be prepared to purchase a new one when you visit the store to hand in the old one.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers come in two categories. For a dry-chemical extinguisher, it is wise to safely release the remaining pressure and get rid of the container. Place this head with the bulk metal items as directed by the local recycler. Also, you can contact any available fire-equipment companies and ask for assistance in the disposal of your extinguisher.

On the other hand, the carbon dioxide extinguishers are excellently designed for refilling purposes after each use.


PDAs, MP3 players, and a majority of other devices can get recycled in many different ways. The money acquired from the recycled parts can go to a worthy course of your choice. That is a win-win scenario for the environment, you, and charity. Some organizations like ‘Recycle for Breast Cancer’ will send you prepaid shipping labels that let you recycle your gadgets and afterward donate the money gained to breast cancer charities.


Whenever you recycle batteries, you reduce the number of hazardous metals that end up in landfills. Many department stores like Office Depot and RadioShack accepts reusable batteries. Car batteries consist of lead that cannot go in landfills since most toxic metals leach into groundwater. Nonetheless, almost all retailers selling lead batteries also collect and recycle them accordingly.

Boats, Motorcycles, cars, RVs, and trailers

Although all of them may seem useless and rusted, they still have various components, including metal, which can be recycled. Contact junkyards organizations and companies in your area who pick up and remove all heavy equipment from you for free.

Recycling helps in the preservation of the environment. Recycling can also offer you discounts and money. Let’s recycle for money and save our planet.