Why Site Investigation is Important for Your Construction Project

Did you know 80% of problems encountered on construction projects are due to unforeseen ground conditions that could have been avoided if a suitable site investigation was carried out?

Construction projects can have major impact on the environmental surroundings; hence it requires careful and thorough planning.

Why Site Investigation?

During a site investigation, the structural engineers in Mandurah will collect information, assess the data and report any potential hazard beneath a building site.

A site investigation is broadly divided into the following stages,

  • Soil Investigation
  • Geologic survey maps
  • Preliminary investigation
  • Detailed Site Investigation
  • Supplementary investigation and construction control

Reasons to Perform a Site Investigation

The structural consultants in Mandurah perform site investigation for the following reasons,

  • To identify the general suitability of the site
  • To achieve safe and economical design of foundations
  • Understand the engineering properties of the soil and rock, and know the nature of each stratum.
  • To determine the source of construction material and the selection of sites for water disposal.
  • To ensure the safety of the surrounding existing structures.

What Does a Typical Site Investigation Include?

  • Compaction testing to determine the type of soil on residential or commercial sites
  • Reinforcement signoff and inspection
  • Reviewing construction for engineering compliance in accordance with structural documentation
  • Preliminary corrosion detection
  • Investigation of structural issues such as determination of cracks, leaks, or any other structural or aesthetic damages
  • Structural dilapidation survey to detect structural damages that is caused to the adjoining property.

Basic background information needed for performing site investigation includes,

  • The type of the structure to be used
  • Characteristic and the usage of the structure to be built
  • Starting date of the construction
  • The type of the method used to build the structure
  • Estimated time period for the project to complete
  • Soil condition

The Importance of Site Investigation

Many people fail to recognise the importance of site investigation but it is a vital step of the construction process. Performing a site investigation is important as the characteristics of soil can vary significantly depending on location and can affect the stability of the foundation.

  • Site investigation provides vital, early and relatively low-cost information for conceptual design.
  • Provides a brief study on the general suitability of the site for an engineering project.
  • Determines the   possible   difficulties   that   may   be   encountered   by   a   specific construction method for any particular civil project.
  • Enables structural engineering consultants in Mandurah to study the suitability of the construction materials.
  • Prevents the delay of any construction project due to problematic ground conditions.
  • Obtains the physical and mechanical properties of the soil for design and construction.

A thorough site investigation by structural engineering consultants in Mandurah provides information regarding the geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, climatic conditions, radioactivity, etc., of the site.