Why Do People prefer Artificial Turf?

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Artificial turf is widely replacing natural grass. It is convenient as it does not necessarily need rainfall or constant irrigation. It is synthetic, and you will not need to trim the grass as it does not grow occasionally. Its ability to sustain heavy activities makes it favorable for use in athletic fields and playfield in institutions.

Synthetic grass is ready for use immediately after being planted. Unlike natural grass which takes time to grow, requiring constant irrigation and application of fertilizers. Additionally, it grows uniform throughout the field. Artificial turf in Phoenix is the best synthetic grass to consider planting on your residential or commercial lawns.

Advantages of artificial turf

  • Can withstand unfavorable weather

Natural grass needs adequate rainfall and cold temperatures. However, artificial turf does not rely on favorable weather to grow. If you are in an area that experiences dry conditions, this is the best grass to consider on your lawn.

The grass is efficient and does not require water to grow. You will not be stressed if the rain fails as the grass will still do well.

  • No trimming required

Natural grass requires constant trimming to ensure it is presentable. Artificial turf does not grow thus no trimming required. You don’t need to hire a gardener to maintain the grass.

It is very convenient especially if you travel a lot and are very busy. Since the grass will not overgrow, it will always be presentable.

  • Can withstand heavy activities

Natural grass once exposed to heavy activities will need replanting. It will take time for a natural lawn to maintain its natural appearance after a heavy activity. However, artificial turf will look untampered with even after heavy activities on it.

  • Does not discolor

Natural grass will turn yellow especially in summer. The color of artificial turf is green throughout all seasons. It will not fade even on dry seasons.

It is the best grass to plant on your lawn. It is easy to maintain and beautiful.

  • Weeds don’t grow in an artificial turf field

Synthetic grass does not support the growth of plants. It is efficient as you don’t have to apply weed killers on the lawn. Weeds only occur at the boundary of the field.

  • Cost effective to maintain

The fact that it does not require irrigation, trimming, weed control and application of fertilizers make its cheap to maintain. The only cost incurred is the cost of planting and buying synthetic grass.

You have adequately cut gardener’s cost, water bills, and fertilizers cost. It is a better way to beautify your residential or commercial lawn cheaply. Save on your expenses by choosing to have your field planted synthetic grass.

Bottom Line

Artificial turf is not only cheap to maintain but also beautiful on your lawn. It adequately sustains high temperatures and low rainfall. Additionally, it can withstand heavy activities without deforming its structure. This grass does not get muddy during heavy rains.

The only disadvantage is that it has a limited life and requires regular cleaning. However, it is a favorable synthetic grass that is comfortable to sit on and play on.