Which Backyard Pergola Fits Your House?

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Pergola ideas have added additional attraction to a patio, pool or garden. They are often rustic looking structures. Many homeowners find that they are perfect to build above and around their patios and swimming pools. If you’re in the market for a pergola here are a few different types to consider. 

Wooden Pergola 

They are perfect for a backyard to compliment the patio garden, extend over a flower bed or sauna. Construction involves putting down prefabricated trellis. You can have a company come out to analyze your property and creative a design that benefits your surroundings in an attractive way. Wooden pergolas, however, do require a lot more maintenance to keep their condition in high-quality. 

Vinyl Pergolas 

If you’re going for the traditional or sophisticated look these may be what you’re looking for. They have an old world look and elegance to them that offsets the beauty in your backyard. It has a sharp look and requires low maintenance. Vinyl pergolas are simple to clean and bring an attractive look to your property. 

Backyard Pergolas have been around for years. Homeowners have used them to spruce up their outdoor area weather be for garden, retreat area, pools and saunas or simply just creating a space to hang with the family. They are also a wonderful place to park your patio furniture under keeping them away from harsh weather conditions. Backyard pergolas offer settings that are light and breezy and allows everyone an area to relax. They create a refreshing environment both you, your family and friends can enjoy. Most companies can come directly to your property and build a pergola that fits your specific backyard. There are some homeowners who have opted for an amish pergola where they can build it by hand. 

Attached Pergola 

These structures can be applied directly to the home giving your back patio. Patio furniture can become cooked in the weather over time. Most homeowners who may not want to sit on the grass, retreat with friends under their pergola in the shade. During windy weather, you can rest assured that this fixture is not going anywhere. 

Detach Pergolas 

These are often built next to your home without disturbing the exterior or structure. These can come in handy when you want to avoid damage to your house or simply would like to offset the look of your structure. Often times, these are easier to assemble and don’t take as much time. 

Stand-Alone Pergolas 

Homeowners have used these in the past to cover gardens or for use during a special family event. They are great additions for weddings allowing space for speeches or for someone to address a crowd. Homeowners will always look for ways to spice of their living quarters and Pergolas are another way to do that. They give a house more elegance, comfort and space. They are wonderful for parties, giving guests options where they are not trampling through your home and on your carpets or wood floors. Pergolas are the perfect choice to remodeling ideas.