When Hail Affects Your Roof

Hail storms can cause a great deal of damage to your roof, and in this article, we will discuss some things you can look for before hiring a Dallas roofing company to fix the damage.

Check for Loose Shingle Granules

The asphalt on your roof is protected by shingle granules, and your roof can become exposed to the elements if these become loose. Over time, this can lead to deterioration of the roof and leaks, as shingle granules are present in the top layer of the shingle. Assess the situation to see if these shingle granules are loose, and take note of how widespread the situation is. These can also be found in gutter spouts after a storm, so be sure to conduct a thorough search for missing pieces after a storm. 

Look for Indentations

Your roof can become bruised, much like a piece of fruit, when it has been pelted by hail stones. Check the area for small dents to determine what will need to be fixed. Sometimes these will not even be visible, and you will have to feel for them by hand.  

Observe the Shingles

During a hail storm, severe wind is often present, and this can wreak havoc on your shingles. Take note if there are missing, broken, or cracked shingles, as this can leave your roof exposed to the elements. It is helpful to inspect your roofing regularly so that you can easily discern the difference due to damage. 

Inspect the Fiberglass Mat

If your home has been subjected to a particularly brutal storm, it is always possible that the fiberglass mat can become cracked. This level of damage may not always be readily apparent, as the fiberglass mat exists below the asphalt surface. 

Contact Your Homeowners Insurance

After a storm, you need to call your insurance firm. Though coverage amounts will vary, most insurance companies will cover repairs that are the result of hail storms. Be sure to take pictures of the roof, keep all your receipts, and write down the names of adjusters and agents. Hire a trusted Dallas roofing company so that they can fix all the issues that would otherwise weaken the integrity of your roof.