What Types of Quality You Might Expect in Products From An Excellent and Experienced Lumber Supplier

Home lumber companies manufacture and sell natural and fabricated wood products from a variety of fibers including birch and both hard and soft maple.  And Canada’s Woodspec has been producing high quality products for at least the last 25 years.  Since opening their business, much has changed in the industry, particularly with the addition of grading rules which improve the way they can deliver on the promise to connect customers with their different products.  This involves, of course, investigating and guaranteeing quality control along the supply line from lumber mill to pallet manufacturers to sales.


Basically, there are several grades available in wood quality.  Grading is typically performed via assessment at mills. Grades include: 

  • A
  • #1
  • #2
  • #1-2
  • #3
  • #3+
  • Economy

In addition to the type of grading that is available, lumber can also be available according to quite a wide variety of specifications. These include:

  • knots
  • Length
  • rot
  • Split
  • Thickness
  • Wane
  • Surface
  • Stain
  • Bundling
  • Tapering
  • Special identification
  • Fiber strapping

Also, classifications are assigned to different measurable standards. These include:

  • Is the wood “sound” or “white”
  • Maximum soundness
  • Smoothness
  • Number of pieces
  • Percentage of pieces
  • Maximum thickness base on maximum weight (as a percentage of pieces)
  • Maximum thickness based on width and length (as a percentage of pieces)

Obviously, this extensive list of grading and product specifications certainly help to better ensure high-quality Eastern White Cedar and Premium Spruce wood products for use in a wide variety of applications: from wooden fences to pallet cut stock to pallet pre-cut components.


Speaking of pre-cut hardwood products, these are the mostly derived from northern-region hardwoods. That includes trees like birch, hard maple, and soft maple.  In addition, you can often find pre-cut aspen stringers and boards from local sawmills.  

When it comes to pre-cut spruce, the best boards may be composed of northern spruce and fir varieties. These can include fir, Jack pine, balsam, red spruce, black spruce, and white spruce.  You can also find supplies for pre-cut aspen lumber, as well as hardwood and spruce strap grooved spacers ranging from 20 inches to 96 inches (all also from local sawmills), shipped across Canada.