What makes a great interior design?

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Interior design, just like art, speaks to each differently. For some, it is the mix of colors, texture and to others; it’s about furniture, clear line and generally, simplicity. Interior design is about personality- putting your thing into it.

But what makes a great designer?

The art of listening

Are you a designer or an aspiring one? Interior design is about letting out your ideas in a visible and experimental form. Before you give your views, the first thing is to listen o the client carefully so that you can get their vision. Most of the clients are not clear, about what they want but through discussions, frequent brainstorming meetings, you get to know more about them and their wishes. This will give you a clue that you can use to craft a framework for a narrative.

Listening is also about being sensitive to the surrounding and being able to take in inspiration around us.

Ability to observe

Look around, see beauty, and identify the key elements that will form part of the whole design narrative. The environment around us is rich with examples of great design, moments of exquisite inspiration and numerous showcases of craftsmanship. The most enjoyable part of the design process is when you can extract details and get inspired by the surrounding.

Interface with architecture

One of the greatest pillars of interior design is the respect for the architectural envelope and a sense of place. Interior design is location oriented and should allow for natural progression of the architecture that houses it. When architecture and interior design overlap seamlessly, then this is a great design.  From the floor to the roof, there must be a harmonious interface that leaves a memorable experience.

Balance and contrast

Any f&b interior design professional worth their name must have a sense of balance and harmony as their ultimate quest. Layering is basic in achieving this. You must know how you can utilize natural materials to get a balanced and harmonious design. You must know where certain material fits perfectly in your design plan. For instance, wool is fire retardant and this is an important property when designing commercial spaces. You could use ordinary materials like tiles in an unexpected way- this is contrast and it adds drama. Playing around artistically with dark and light adds interest. Both could be used to create a sequence and transition.

Interior design like many other things in life means making the most of what you have. It is an art that combines knowledge from different fields and an ability to discover opportunities, turning them into memorable experiences.