What kind of window blinds are best for living rooms?

Different rooms – different functionalities and so are the different window treatments. We as homeowners looking for window treatment were unaware of this fact. The experts at Gator Blinds guided us choose the best window blinds for our newly done living room. Living room is where most of the action takes place. You welcome your guests here, kids like to play here, your chit chats over a cup of coffee happens over here, so the living room is the epicentre. This is what we found as the best window treatment for the living room.

Vertical Blinds

Unparalleled privacy with no compromise eon the light and air coming in, this is the biggest USP of the vertical blinds. With high degree of rotation, vertical blinds orlando offer complete control over blocking unwanted views from outside. You can place the louvers individually should they be damaged and with child safety measures incorporated, they are kids and family friendly option. Choose from the whites, cream and grey and to add that dramatic look, you can well choose from an array of colours, textures and patterns.

Roman Blinds

If you have a small living room, nothing fits better than the very stylish and sophisticated roman blinds. For curtains and draperies that come with heavy fabric, roman blinds accentuate the smaller room to appear look and also offer variety of colours, textures and patterns to choose from. Needless to say, roman blinds complement larger living rooms too. Colour-coordinate them with curtains and enjoy a layered effect in your living room. The neat folding of the fabric offers a sleek and stylish look to your windows.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds like the vertical blinds offer high degree of rotation and also play down noise without compromising on the privacy quotient. Your living room decor could be modern, traditional, or country style inspired, wooden blinds fit them all. The stains and finishes in wooden blinds are in galore. For a pop of colour, you could even opt for painted wooden blinds. Well, if you live in area of high humidity, you can well opt for faux wood blinds as well.

With this useful information, we are sure that you could now dress up your window with teh right window covering.