If you are wondering about the best type of carpet cleaning method, you are going to hear about different carpet cleaning methods out there, and every carpet cleaner would reply you the method they use to clean the carpet is the best. But no, different carpets are made up of different materials, so how can one clean every carpet in one particular way.

Carpet cleaning Norwich with experienced and skilled cleaners wouldn’t just jump up and start cleaning your carpet and damage it. They would first make sure how your carpet is designed and how old is your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning is done using a couple of methods. The first thing before cleaning the carpet you need first to vacuum it very well. Vacuum cleans about 75% dust from your carpet.

Hot water extraction or ‘steam’ cleaning is one of the most efficient methods in which a high-pressure jet spray hot water solution is sprayed on the carpet. Then using a vacuum, the solution, dirt, and water are sucked from the carpet. The hot water extraction is also used to treat spots and stains by spraying cleaning solution over the carpet, and also using deodorizing and neutralizing agent. This method needs expertise as too much of the chemicals can damage the rug.

Shampooing method with the use of a rotary floor machine is an excellent cleaning process. After scrubbing the carpet with the help of a shower fed bush shampoo is applied. After that, the carpet is thoroughly dried using a vacuum. This method is very useful for the overall cleaning of the carpet. Also, the equipment costs and the costs of the chemical used are low, making it a very economical method

Dry Cleaning method is also popularly used. This does not consume much time and energy. The powder is scattered all over the carpet, and these powders attract the soil towards them, and after some time the soils and dirt come out. After that, the carpet is vacuumed to remove the powder, dirt, etc. from it.