If you are an amateur or DIY professional, for sure in your toolbox there is more than one drill, but if you are thinking of buying one of these tools in its miniature version and you do not know which to choose, here is a list of products recommended by our clients so that you can acquire the best mini drill in the market and make an intelligent investment of your money.

Dremel 3000JC (3000-15)

What attracts most of this tool is its versatility; this is given by the possibility of adapting different types of tips, which help to realize infinity of projects ranging from cutting, grinding, engraving, etc. In addition, its compact size makes it very easy to transport to where it is needed and can be considered as a very efficient precision device.

On the other hand, the simplicity with which the accessories can be adapted facilitates the use, since its adjustment tip contains a very practical tightening mechanism that does not require the use of force so that the accessories are fixed and used properly.

Because it is a device designed for detail and precision, what is expected is that it can be handled comfortably. This has been taken into account and despite the power of its engine that can reach 33,000 rpm its weight is 550 g, this means that you will not have to use too much effort to hold it, nor will you get too tired when working with it.

In addition, its shape offers support points to place the fingers in a pencil way and with this obtain a good precision. Another feature that has been included in the engine is its variable speed that gives you better control to adapt to the type of project you are doing. In addition, its performance is smooth and will not heat up easily due to its efficient integrated ventilation system.

For this model, different accessories have been selected, including cutting discs that you can use in different types of materials such as wood, plastic or metals and offer a precise cut without problems. On the other hand, fine and coarse grain sanding accessories are also included for the purposes you might need and other polishing and cleaning accessories that can be very practical for different projects.

Main advantage:

The ability of the model to rotate up to 33,000 rpm allows its use for a wide variety of applications and this feature is complemented with its included accessories.

Main disadvantage:

If care is not taken, the ventilation openings of the motor can be blocked during use, which could be considered as a disadvantage because they are very close to the holding area.

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