What is the Average Cost of a Good Mattress?

Why is sleep important? Let’s just say that it recharges your battery cells and make you look fresh and active and helps you to perform optimally.

There is no denying that getting good night’s sleep is extremely important for health. An average adult needs to sleep at least seven-eight hours per night. Needless to say, along with exercise and good nutrition, sleep in an important contributor to a healthy life. And sleep deficiency or poor quality of sleep can lead to poor concentration, heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

It goes without saying that you cannot be deprived of a healthy sleep and that is why you need a comfortable mattress. If you want a good night’s sleep, then comfortable mattresses are an essential factor that you cannot neglect. If you are considering buying a new mattress, you must be wondering how much a good mattress cost, right? So, without a further ado, let’s get started:

Prices by Mattress Type




Price Range (Twin to King)










Memory Foam























Low Priced Mattresses




Price Range (Twin to King)


Mattress Type




$900 – $1200


Foam, latex, spring


Signature Sleep


$85 – $420


Memory foam, spring




$100 – $520


Memory foam, spring


Sound A Sleep


$95 – $220






$105- $160




Hampton & Rhodes


$100 -$940


Mostly spring


Comfort Dreams


$240 – $700


Memory foam


Denver Mattress


$140 – $1950




Tuft & Needle


$325 -$700






$290 -$1320




Sleep Innovations


$350 -$950


Memory foam


Serta Perfect Sleeper


$330 -$1400




Simmons Beauty Sleep


$400 –



(Note: Prices are taken from these two websites: http://www.sleeplikethedead.com/mattress-compare-price.html and https://www.tuck.com/much-good-mattress-cost/ )


Average Prices

  • Low-Priced Mattresses – over $700 for a queen
  • Mid-Priced Mattresses – about $700-1800 for a queen
  • High-Priced Mattresses – about $1800+ for a queen

How Often a Mattress Should Be Replaced

For your primary bed’s lifecycle, the conventional wisdom states that it is best to replace one’s mattress once every 10 years. However, it depends on some factors such as the use of the mattress and how well you have taken care of it.

It is highly recommended to change your mattress once every ten years because of the natural process that involves foam degradation. In addition, sleeping in the same position as the mattress can also have a bad impact on the performance of your mattress.

Financing Options for Mattress

Given the fact that you are probably spending a third of your day in your comfortable bed, it is in your best interest to invest in a mattress that is not only reasonably priced but comfortable and supportive as well. When it comes to finding a mattress, it all comes down to your needs. But sometimes, the price of your desired mattress is a bit too much. So, instead of putting an unnecessary burden on the pocket, it is best to look for affordable finance options. There are many mattress firms that are offering lucrative deals such as no requirement of credit card and monthly payments with no interest.

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Here are links to some mattress financing firms that are offering good deals:

The Bottom Line for You

For an average sleeper, spending around $1000 or less for a mattress is viable. However, all mattress shoppers are recommended to do a comprehensive research of various mattress brands before making a purchase. Just make sure that the selected mattress is durable and comes with good warranty coverage.