‌What are the precautions in order to maintain a healthy aircon system?

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Air conditioning can no longer be ignored from your daily lives. You will find one in your car, your homes and perhaps also in the office. To ensure a smooth and safe operation of your air conditioning, it is advisable to have your air conditioning regularly serviced. Do you have an air conditioner with more than 3 kg of coolant? Then you are legally obliged to have it serviced annually. Maintenance must also be carried out by a recognized air conditioner cleaning service company. For air conditioners from 30 kg to 300 kg of refrigerant, it needs maintenance respectively 2 times and 4 times per year. The same obligation also applies to heat pumps.

Benefits of sending your air conditioning for servicing

In addition to the legal obligation, the annual maintenance of your air conditioning system also offers many advantages:

Less consumption: A well-maintained air conditioning system consumes up to 30% less energy.

Longer service life: The normal life span of an air conditioning system for private use is between 10 and 15 years. Regular maintenance avoids early defects and increases the life of the air conditioning system.

Reduced repair costs: During maintenance the technician can remedy potential defects and problems early. This saves you repair costs or purchase costs for a new air conditioning system.

Healthier indoor air: During maintenance, fungi, bacteria and other dirt are removed from the indoor unit. In this way you avoid the spread of unpleasant odors and unhealthy air at home.

What exactly happens during such maintenance?

The size and duration of air conditioning maintenance depends partly on the type of air conditioning system. In general, the professional always performs the following tasks:

  • Locate and fix leaks, blockages and other potential problems.
  • Replace or clean filters.
  • Clean the outdoor unit and indoor unit.
  • Test and adjust the control equipment.
  • Carefully check the four basic elements.
  • Check the pipes for possible blockages and holes.

Conclusion: friendly suggestions

The air conditioning extracts moisture from the air, against condensation and the fogging of the windows. Switch the air conditioning on for a few minutes after starting the car. This saves fuel and prevents unnecessary wear on the compressor clutch. Switch the air conditioning off before switching off the car. This again prevents condensation forming in the installation and the risk of odor nuisance. It also prevents the familiar “blow” due to the temperature difference when getting out. All in all, ensure to maintain your air conditioner unit well and send it for servicing when the time calls for it.