What are the Best Places to Invest in the UK?

While investing money in property, best capital growth and guaranteed demand areas are higher-ups on the checklist. The UK has attracted investment from around the globe due to political stability and flexible housing rules. Corporate experts, professionals, fresh graduates and students; be it, anyone, the demand, and prices are both going high.

We know now that most of the best buy areas are located to the north of Midlands. In this article, we will go through the top cities and places in particular.

  1. Manchester

Manchester is rightly known as the London of the North. With largest regeneration projects on their way to completion, there is a rapidly rising trend in the property prices. It comprises of 30 percent of the private rented sector. There is a huge demand for HMOs (houses in multiple occupations) and flats by students. Fallowfield, Salford, and Chorlton are some of the handpicked areas.

  1. Liverpool

This city is known for its fastest growing economy which is a magnetizing inward investment and massive job opportunities. With upcoming projects like £5 billion Liverpool Waters scheme and the host of four popular universities, Liverpool is definitely the top choice. 60% of the graduates have the intention to make it their future home destination and they should be keeping their eyes on Sefton Park and Allerton.

  1. Leeds

Leeds is that stylish and modern city amongst the others. With an international airport within its boundaries and the forthcoming HS2 project, it has become the most desirable area amongst the Far East investors. Also, worth noticing are the three main universities of the country, and so Headingley and Horsforth are the popular choices.

  1. Birmingham

Birmingham is ranked as the second largest city in the UK with four and a half million people residing within its boundaries. With the accomplishment of HS2 project, the journey time from London is known to reduce to 50 minutes. There is a shortage of rental homes which is creating a price hike in the area. Edgbaston and Halesowen are definitely going to benefit from this property boom.

  1. Sheffield

Sheffield is a popular choice amongst the investors. It has taken advantage of the high property prices in Leeds which have ousted buyers from there. Sheffield follows their choice as the property prices mark the £100,000 range here. Known to be UK’s extorted capital, you should be on-hunt for houses in Fulwood and Dore in Sheffield.

  1. Hull

As being the cultural center of UK, Hull is the hotspot for young residents. It is witnessing huge investments in wind power and digital technology sectors. With 10 to 15 percent yields, the Georgian market town of Beverly is known to have a lasting appeal.

Your capital is your hard-earned money and should be invested wisely as to ensure greater profit and living standards. Now that you know the main areas to invest in the UK visit RWinvest for more details and price knowledge.