Using Concrete Worktops for Your Kitchen

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Whether it’s a new home or a renovation project, kitchens have always been an essential part of the home that requires that little extra touch. A beautiful and well-furnished kitchen adds to the aesthetics and value of your home. One way that can spice up your kitchen is the use of concrete worktops.

What Are Concrete Worktops?

Concrete worktops materials made from the mixture of cement and sand. To avoid a sidewalk look, any color is added. In addition, they are sealed to make them non-porous as well as to ensure resistance to heat and stain.

For your kitchen, you can have your concrete worktops precast or cast-in-place. While precast concrete worktops are made in the workshop, cast-in-place concrete worktops are made onsite, that is, your kitchen.

Advantages of Using Concrete Worktops

Concrete worktops are the ideal choice for busy kitchens. Some of the reasons why you should consider them are:

High Durability

Due to their durability, concrete worktops are a “must have” these days due to the minimal repair and maintenance needed unlike other types of worktops. Concrete worktops are heat resistant making them ideal for your kitchen and even the bathroom. Once your concrete worktop is sealed, it becomes resistant to water. Thus, extending its durability.


What makes this type of worktop even better is that you can personalize your concrete worktop look.  You can choose to embed glass, seashells, stone, ceramic, fossils, and other materials. This further enhances the beauty of your home.

Long Lasting

What’s more, with proper maintenance, concrete worktops last longer than most worktops. So, you don’t have to worry about installing a new worktop.

Easy to Clean

Another upside is that concrete worktops are super easy to clean. All that is needed is plain soap and water to keep your worktop squeaky clean.

Easy Maintenance

As earlier mentioned, the only maintenance your concrete worktop will ever need is occasional resealing.

Concrete worktops are naturally stain resistant, so you don’t have to worry about finding patches on your worktop.

Ages Excellently

And the best part is that concrete is non-static. This means that with time,  your concrete worktop will look even better. Unlike other types of worktops that get weathered with time,  concrete worktops improve as they age.