Upgrade Your Home: Reimagine Your Doors and Door Hardware

Like most other homeowners, you are probably interested in getting a new look for your home after seeing the same theme for a while. The thing is not everyone has a big budget, and if you want to upgrade your home for less, a wise idea to rethink doors, door hardware and furniture. Yes, small changes often have the biggest impact on the aesthetics. In this post, we will talk of simple ideas that will help in transforming homes with doors and door hardware.

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Option 1 – Paint door hardware

If the knobs and handles of your home have lost the shine and sheen, it is possible to repaint the same. However, before you paint door hardware, there are a few things to understand. Firstly, this isn’t an easy job. All the handles, knobs and other components must be first removed, following which you must clean and sand these before applying the paint. The paint must be allowed to dry for at least a day, and if you don’t pay enough attention to sanding and priming, the paint may scrape off in no time.

Option 2 – Get new door hardware

This probably makes sense to a lot of people, given that door hardware comes in all sorts of special finishes these days, right from brushed nickel to applied bronze and more. Replacing door hardware doesn’t always have to be expensive, and the good thing is your investment will last for a few years to come, and there is no need to spend more on maintenance. Some finishes often need more attention, and you can find online guides on maintenance of door hardware, which can be handy.

Option 3 – Go for luxury door handles

If you don’t mind spending a tad more, go for unique and luxury door handles and knobs, and there are some really amazing choices out there. For example, the crystal interior door furniture collection has some really beautiful knobs and handles, including Swarovski door handles, which look stunning in most homes. In fact, just adding these can change the aesthetic value of the interiors. However, it is important that you consider the theme of your home and kind of look you would want to achieve before investing in luxury choices.

Option 4 – Painting the door

Changing the door color is a good alternative to painting door hardware, but before you take the call, make sure that you are aware of the process. Ideally, all hardware must be removed, and it is also necessary that the door is removed, so that you get a flat surface for painting. Also, before applying the paint, make sure that the door is cleaned, sanded, or else the paint can look cheap.

If you repaint the door and replace the door hardware at the same time, it can create a new look for each of the rooms. Consider your budget in advance, because spending a tad more on door hardware is always recommended as the sheen and finish are likely to last longer with no need for extra maintenance.