Types of lightsabers for sale

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There are several types of lightsabers for sale on the market today.  Here are some the most sought after by Star Wars fans.

This is the classic lightsaber with a single blade that can cut through anything apart from an electrostaff, and cortosis. It can be used even when the opponent uses blasters as it can deflect them back. The single blade lightsaber represents the Jedi order and is used as a symbol of the order apart from being a weapon. The bearer commands respect whether it is turned on or not.

The dual phase lightsaber uses two crystals to focus the blades energy meaning that the lightsaber can extend to twice its length. The color of the blade may change when the length doubles but this may depend on the color of the crystals used. The dual-phase lightsaber is used prominently in the Jedi Academy and most famously by Corran Horn.

Crossguard Lightsaber
The crossguard lightsabers are an ancient design with two blades in addition to the original blade. The additional blades are emitted from two power vents that are referred to as quillons. The energy of the crystal is divided into three emitters by an array of activators to make it work. The use of a crossguard lightsaber is risky because the smaller blades are likely to cut the users fingers and should, therefore, be used with broad sweeping movements.

Tonfa-Style Lightsaber
The tonfa-style lightsaber is also referred to as the guard shoto. It is unusually large since it has an elbow and forearm support.  The blade is perpendicular to the handle to allow the user to block blows and retaliate quickly. It is unpredictable in terms of offense and defense as the long hilt allows the user to reach further and can be lined with lightsaber resistant materials to prevent destruction in combat. The tonfa-style lightsaber was used in Star Wars: The Force.

Great Lightsabers
This is a giant-sized lightsaber used by the force-sensitive Gamorrean, Gorc in Star Wars. Gorc built the great lightsaber to match his giant body, but they are rare and are used only by the largest force-sensitive species. It uses a special power system and several crystals to produce a blade three times as long as the normal sized lightsaber.

There are several other types of lightsabers for sale available on ultrasabers.com. The different colors available are silver, viridian, black, pink, cyan, orange and gold. You can choose from the different varieties available or build a customized lightsaber.