Turn the meat cut into an art: Butcher knife kit for professionals

You may all know at this point that many times the success when preparing a meat dish happens not only for the quality of the piece chosen, but for the skill of the butcher to prepare the cut, removing bones, removing fats and skins, etc. Butcher knives kit also helps the cooking skill when preparing and seasoning the piece. The art here is that to carve the succulent delicacy.

How to cut meat can be an art

Sometimes you will have been amazed by the mastery of a professional ham cutter slicing a piece of Iberian without apparent effort, simply stroking the piece with the knife. But many of the butcher’s use of adding salt to the meat as if it were some magical powder.It is believed that adding salt to the raw meat helps the butcher to cut the meat into fine chopped pieces.

Strip roast

The strip of roast is one of the classic cuts in all continental roasts. It consists of cross sections of the rib of the beef, so that instead of separating each chop, the meat is cut transversely into strips that have five or six bones inside.It must be roasted facing the bones on the coals and then turns around and is finished. It can be taken as it is or bathed in a garlic and parsley sauce or with the classic chimichurri.

Square cover

It is also called picanha in its Brazilian name, and also known as Tapilla. It is a very tender cut of triangular shape, covered by a layer of fat that helps it to remain very juicy after passing through the embers. It is advisable to roast the whole piece and after roasting go filleting to the taste and demand of the diners.

Beef Chorizo

Beefschorizo ​​is the dish denomination of thick fillets of beef or beef loin. The so-called beef de chorizo has nothing to do with this sausage. It is just the name. They are the same as your high-loin steak, a very juicy part ideal for grilling on the grill. It must be cut with fine sharp butcher’s knife so that the pieces are easy to be grilled.


It is a thin and flat piece that is normally used to fill and roast in the oven. The roll of matambre is cut into slices that show its filling. You can also cook on the grill or barbecue that will give you the smoked touch of the embers, which is undoubtedly an extra taste that everyone will appreciate.

Conclusion: Entrana

It is a classic western cut that is already perfectly found in many supermarkets in your country and online butchers. It is a meat that is covered by a strip of fiber or leather which can be removed before roasting or can be roasted with it until it is crispy. In that second case, it is advisable to give a few small cuts to that layer so that it does not deform the entrana when shrinking by the heat of the coals.