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Imagine people — your employees, your customers, and including you — going to and fro your office. While heavy foot traffic is inevitable in an area as busy as a workplace, did you know that it can leave a huge amount of dirt on your office carpet? In particular, your carpet can welcome an estimated 24 pounds of these minute particles in a span of five weeks. So, how often should you clean your office or commercial carpet?

office cleaning Halifax may seem trivial for some, but ignoring the importance of this item on your office to-do list can lead to costly consequences in the future. And like what you’ve read above, the carpet is one thing you shouldn’t skip when tidying up your workplace.

Reasons to Regularly Clean Your Carpet

In case you don’t know this yet — you’ve got more than one compelling reason why carpet cleaning shouldn’t be skipped.

* A clean carpet will maintain the professional look and environment of your office.

* Regular cleaning will help extend the life of your carpet.

* Keeping the pristine condition of your carpet will also diminish the amount of dirt, dust, and bacteria it holds. This will protect your workplace’s air quality.

* As ill-causing particles are reduced, the chance of you and your employees developing skin- or respiratory-related diseases will also be decreased.

Factors You Need to Consider

You should take note that there are important factors to take into account before doing the cleaning yourself or before calling or consulting with an office cleaning Halifax company that offers carpet cleaning services.

Carpet type and style

Even office carpets that may seem plain-looking come in different types and styles. And each one requires different cleaning and maintenance needs. Compared with thick and heavy carpets, their lighter counterparts tend to attract and trap more dirt. Hence, cleaning should be done more regularly.

Foot traffic

The frequency and amount of people who walk on your carpet are directly related to the frequency of carpet cleaning. If one area in your office has low traffic, cleaning is done less frequently. In contrary, high traffic areas need more attention when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Cleaning Commercial Carpets

The regularity of carpet cleaning for business isn’t only dependent on the factors mentioned above. You should also consider the type of cleaning services your carpet needs.


The basic type of cleaning your carpet needs is vacuuming. Simple and less costly, this can be done by your maintenance team themselves. For heavy traffic areas such as the ground floor entrance halls, daily vacuuming is required. For medium traffic zones, vacuuming them thrice a week will do. Low traffic areas, meanwhile, can be vacuumed once a week.

Spot Cleaning

Your carpet isn’t only prone to trap dust, it is also prone to attracting stains. As these stains are an eyesore, it’s best to clean them right away. If the stains are heavier than the usual (e.g. Dyes, red wine), you would need to hire someone from an office cleaning Halifax company.

Preventive Cleaning

Professional cleaning firms offer a preventive cleaning program. Meaning, they send a team to your office to have your carpets cleaned at regular intervals. Investing in such maintenance services can save you from restorative cleaning expenses.

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