Tricks and tips for using a stud finder for wall mounting a TV

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Mounting a Television could be an easy and quick task as long as you follow the right way. But if you are following a complex way for installation, you may find the process tough too.  The process may seem simpler but it is not easy as it may seem because you can’t do this by yourself alone you would need some tricks and tips to be helpful for you in order to get the best TV mounting:

–    The stud finder isn’t always true

There are the electric stud finders which most of the people might use for finding the studs in walls but using a stud finder is simply something not always true. This can work both the ways, can be helpful in finding the studs or you will end up putting extra holes in the wall. While you are using a stud finder, the following are the tips which you can use:

–    Be slow

This is one and the most effective trick which you can follow while you are using a stud finder.  First, place the finder on the wall and turn that on. You just need to hold that starting button. The stud finder will automatically start working and will start noticing the density of materials. Once it is turned on and it has started working, you then need to move it slowly from one side to another. Repeat the process and go back and check over the same wall fewer repeated times, as this is necessary to reduce the chances of errors if there are any. Don’t be in too hurry and whatever the studs the stud finder indicates, mark each with help of a painter’s tape and choose at least three having the same distances with each other.

–    Popcorn textures

If you have tried to use the stud finder on a popcorn textured ceiling, this really would have spoiled the whole texture because the stud finders hardly work on such surfaces. You can overcome this issue in a very easy way and that is through placing a small piece of cardboard over the desired surface which you want to scan with the help of the stud finder. This is one of the best ways which you can use with the popcorn textured walls as this is how the stud finder gets a smoother surface to work on and this is the way in which you can find the joists easily.

–    Remember the fire blocks

You cannot forget the fire blocks which you have at your home. While you are using a stud finder, before you can make any holes, you need to run the stud finder on the surface of the wall in a position that it moves up and down, horizontal and vertical and this is important for you to be sure that there are no fire blocks between your selected stud bays. Even if an experienced installer is working for nthese fire blocks can be a trouble for fixing the wires.

–    Don’t forget to double check

This is the key to follow when you are using a stud finder, you cannot just simply trust one test and do a hole because most of the times the stud finders are wrong. So repeat the process until you are sure.