Top Tips on creating a clutter free home office

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Turning that box room into a home office can be a great way to add value to your home, aid productivity whilst working from home or create a calming space for exam revision. Ditching the mess and adding a desk is popular in January when the home improvements boom and new jobs mean new possibilities, but by March and April, the mess makes an unwelcome return. A few months of unfiled papers, unwatered plants and clothes that have been hastily thrown into the room when visitors call can soon add up. So how can you keep on top of mess and stay productive in your home office?

Store it

Step 1 is to physically remove anything that keeps finding its way back into the office. Winter clothes, old books, sports equipment and old bills can all be repeat offenders here. Thankfully you can find places to keep it everywhere, with self storage in Llanelli to London able to securely store your prized possessions whilst you work out what to do with them in the long term.

Stop it

Once you’re clear of the urgent clutter, you can take steps to reducing the amount you make going forward. Going paperless with accounts by using a digital accounting system and taking notes directly onto a digital device save space and trees. You could always gradually go paperless and use a reusable smart notebook to write down your notes then digitally transfer them.

Stack it

Rather than spreading out your clutter, you can pile it high. A filing cabinet that reaches the ceiling offers more space for those crucial files that you need to hand instantly whilst using the same floor space as a half height unit. It also removes the temptation to leave things on top of it to file later so proper filing is enforced. An added bonus is that a larger unit which is visible from all angles will subconsciously encourage filing.

Separate it

Clutter can often build up as different sections of life all mix into one. Having lunch in the home office and working while you eat can cause plates and cups to pile up. Make sure you take your breaks somewhere outside of your home office room. Have a strict storage policy for the room too, to only allow things related to your job to be kept in the office. Books? Yes. Beanbags? No. Printer Paper? Yes. Board games? No.

Style it

Creating a space that you’re happy to spend 8 hours a day in and can take pride in is vital to avoiding being swamped with clutter. Choose a comfortable, good looking chair that uses mesh instead of padding to save space, and a desk with well organised drawers. Hide your wires to avoid tangles and go for small, healthy looking plants that fit on your desk rather than huge leafy ones that fill the room. Add a mirror and make use of natural light, which you can complement with other lighting and light coloured wallpaper and paint.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to stay positive and productive no matter how big your office is.