Top Three of the Best 14 Inch Rough In Toilets

Finding the toilet that specifically meets your needs is hard. In this article, we compiled three of the best ones that can fit a fourteen inch rough in to help you pick a product that suits you. These three were decided by judging each toilet’s offered features all the while providing an excellent flushing technology, water efficiency, and a decent price.

In no particular order, we give you the top three of the best 14 inch rough in toilets available in the market today.

  1. K-3947-0 Wellworth (Kohler)

With a fantastic exterior design that provides a standard white finish, this Kohler 14 inch rough in toilet has a 29 x 29 x 18 inches dimension. This measurement allows you to save bathroom space upon installation. Despite being mentioned as having a white finish, this product is also available in other colors such as biscuit, almond, and sandbar. Prices vary depending on the color you chose.

Customer feedback on this product have more positive reviews and comments than the negative reviews and comments in the different online sources.  This toilet is worth buying with its flushing performance which is among the class five bulks. Despite using only 1.28 gallons, the product has an advantageous flush feature.

Upon purchase, an included one year warranty is given which is excellent for having lesser worries when it comes to this type of product.

  1. 402078-0 Windham (Sterling)

From the Sterling brand of toilets, this product has a better space consumption compared to other products. It comes with a rounded front end. With measurements at 29.2 x 16.9 x 28.6 inches, it is an excellent addition to small sized bathrooms.

The toilet comes in a white color and has a glossy finish. This feature makes it a right partner for the siphonic flush in removing wastes and bacteria.

Slightly larger than most, the bowl’s bottom surface area helps in keeping odors down. The toilet is measured at eight inches and has a dull design but fantastically gets the job done.

Just a heads up, upon purchase the seat, and lid are separated.

  1. K-3949-0 Highline (Kohler)

Another one of Kohler’s products, this product has an excellent review from the customers. One of the reasons for this is the comfort height option. This detail has a similar design to a chair. Loved by consumers of all ages and abilities, it is also excellent for senior citizen use as it is more comfortable to sit and stand using this toilet.

With a performance of class five bulk flush, it combines with a 1.28-gallon flush. By using less water, you save more and create a cleaner environment around your bathroom area. This Kohler product is a win-win solution for the house.

All these features have affected the price of the toilet with a slightly above average cost.


All in all, these three toilets are useful in solving your problem of finding a product that fits a fourteen inch rough in toilet. The two Kohler and Sterling toilets are excellent choices with excellent features that will surely get the job done and give your bathroom a clean boost.