Top 5 Roof Repair Tips for Your Home

Maintaining a roof is one of the most important home repair remedies that must be put to consideration by homeowners. However, the cost of repairing roofs is something most people do not want to hear, but at some point, every roof wear out and needs to be replaced. Most people do not want to do it too soon, but you should not take too long since the roof will end up with unmanageable leaks and water damages. The best option is to perform regular checks of the overall condition of your roof and be keen to identify earlier signs of roof damage. This will save you the task of replacing the entire roof which may be quite expensive.

If you find out that most of your roof is in good shape, few repairs will do. But those who have roofs that are more than 20 years with worn out shingles, you might need to replace them as soon as possible. Note, just because your roof haven’t shown any signs of leaking doesn’t mean that you have escaped the roofing problems. A close look at it, you may find small problems that should not be ignored. Any damage or wear spotted require immediate action to prevent the water from seeping under the shingles which may result to rotting of the wood beneath.

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For those who have identified signs of roof damage, here is a perfect guide outlining the top roof repairs tips to protect and maintain your roof.

Regular Inspection of Your Roof

Inspect the condition of the roof several times in a year to ensure it is in good state. Some of the most identifiable signs of a damaged roof include; damp areas around the fireplaces, dark spots on the ceilings, peelings of the paint on the roof overhangs and water stains on the pipes.

On the outside, it is simpler to access the roof using a binoculars. Check for signs such as buckling and curling shingles, rust spots on the flashing, and worn out areas around pipes, chimneys, and skylights. It is also important to check your roof after heavy rain, a storm or in situations of heavy wind.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Most homes have trees and shedding of leaves is quite normal and regular. The leaves may find their way into the gutter so clean the gutters and downspouts once the trees have stopped shedding their leaves. Further, ensure that the brackets that hold the gutter against the house are firmly attached to avoid any incidences of breaking.

Repair the Wood beneath the Shingles

Most people forget to repair the wood beneath the shingles after repairing the shingles. Ensure that you have the budget to repair the entire roof including the wood. Replacing new shingles over damaged or old wood may reduce the life of the newly fitted roofing materials.

Trim or Remove all Overhanging Branches of Trees

Trees planted too close to the house may be a threat to your roof once they start to overgrow with limbs hanging all over. They may not only pose the risk of broken limbs on your roof but also damage the protective coating if they overhang or rest on your shingles of your roof. Remove or trim them on a regular basis.

Insert a Protective Covering Beneath the Shingles

Many people make the mistake of fixing shingles directly to the raw wood. This is not the case. New shingles should be placed above a protective covering which provides enough ice and water shields to protect the roof and your home in general. This is important for those who live in areas that experience heavy rains and ice cold temperatures. Ensure you include the entire cost of fitting the protective barriers including other important roofing items such as fasteners and drip edges.

That said, it all comes down to price. However, price is not everything and the important decision should be the total values of your home which I guess is your priority. Ensure the price covers all the elements needed to make the roof repair a success. Remember, quality material, peace of mind and the specifications of the project is all you need and the result is a perfect roof that lasts for a lifetime. Give your roof the attention it seeks.