Top 5 Questions About Home Remodeling in Charleston

Finding a contractor these days to remodel your home in Charleston, SC is easy. As hundreds of homes are built new and spruced up with remodeling each passing year, Charleston has sprung up in growth as the largest city in the state. This exciting boon is great news if you’re looking for home remodeling in Charleston, but it also opens the door to new challenges. How do you know which contractor delivers the quality and service you expect? Asking these questions is a good way to pick the cream of the crop when “interviewing” one. 

1. “How does your remodeling process work?”

You may not have to know about every inch of detail in a contractor’s building methods, but it is prudent to be aware of how they typically remodel homes. A good contractor isn’t afraid to walk homeowners through the remodeling process to give them peace of mind that they don’t cut corners and do quality work.

2. “What is your expertise and background?”

This important question not only reveals the contractor’s qualifications, it also helps homeowners get a good idea if their particular niche is a good match. For example, a contractor can have 30 years of experience, but how much experience do they have in cabinets? 

3. “Can you show me your recommendations?”

Similar to the first question, a good contractor isn’t reluctant to give you testimonials of their previous work. These testimonials are like “badges” that prove they do what they say. Check to see if they have at least three. If they’re hard-pressed to give you any, turn around and run!

4. “Are you bonded, insured and licensed?”

Always look for a contractor who is bonded and has the proper licensing and insurance, no matter how much you like them. Home remodeling already comes with its own share of headaches, and you certainly don’t want to add legal snafus on top of them.

5. “What does the contract look like?”

Once you’ve selected a contractor after asking the other questions, the final step is to review the entire contract before commencing the work. A good contractor is transparent with you and will help you understand everything in layman’s terms. Check the details regarding materials, timeframes, and sourcing in particular. Make sure that you understand everything before signing the contract. The working relationship between you and your contractor makes all the difference.

Quality Home Remodeling in Charleston

When selecting a contractor from many, it can be tough to determine who is quality. These questions can help, and Affordable Quality Cabinetry is pleased to answer each of them for you. Contact us today to receive a free online estimate!


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