Tips on designing beautiful rock gardens

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Making a rock garden is a fun and creative form of gardening. The secret here is, don’t try to think too big- for instance, a hillside might be too overwhelming for a first try.  You need a professional who will guide and lead you to the best places to source for the rocks and install them for you as per your wish.

Here are some of the tips that’ll help you in landscaping.

Vary the size of the rocks

With the same size of rocks, you may not achieve the right aesthetics; different sizes will allow you to leave holes that are big enough for plants. Seek advice from a local depot on the sizes available and allow your landscaping professional do what they know best with your instructions.

Consider the terrain of your home

It is not always a flat surface; is there a hill in your compound? If not, then make one. This can be done using the larger stones when mounted to form a hilly appearance.

Map out the preferred design first

With a piece of paper, think about how you’d want the place to look like with stones before you begin to move them back and forth. Sketching saves, your time when it comes to the actual laying of the rocks. Try mimicking nature with your arrangement, imagine of how rocks appear in a river or on that hill -then see how you can make something close to that. Random groupings would look more natural, unlike straight rows.

Pick the right plants for your rock garden

Not so many plants would fit for rock gardens. Depending on the weather conditions around your place, choose plants that would survive. If you live in areas with long dry spells, then look for drought-tolerant plants. You’ll need perfect drainage especially if you live in a location that receives heavy rainfall each year. When it comes to your rock garden, think tiny. Get smaller bulbs like the small daffodils, blue-eyed grass, or even the wild tulip species. Creeping plants are also perfect in softening the hard edges of the rocks and would help in blending your plants over time. Here, you could use sedums, small mints, short grasses like blue fescue and mosses. Succulents are fun to tuck and would give a classic look to the garden; they are also hardy and therefore can survive in many climates.

Use soil correctly

The soil is the most important part of creating a healthy garden. Before you go planting, you have to get a few inches layer of sand and some lean topsoil. Get small lava rock and mix it with some peat. Rock garden plants like it lean and therefore, avoid using a rich nutrient soil like the compost. If the soil is too rich in nutrients, the result will most likely be unhappy looking plants.

Make it sentimental

Many families have a tradition of using carved stones to commemorate lost friends, family, and pets. These rocks bear the names of those that have passed on and are placed around as friendly reminders. Get a good company, who supply at affordable landscape rock prices to do the rock carvings; it is a personal touch to add to your garden.

Get an expert to design and make a rock garden for you. There are many companies who sell such rocks and thus you need to do your research well and look for someone who sells quality at an affordable rate.