Many an overnight guest has suffered the fate of the dingy spare bedroom. Lumpy mattresses, closets being used as storage space, stale air from long-shut doors and windows. In many homes, the guest bedroom is the unintended black sheep of the house, and its appearance reflects that. If your guest bedroom lacks the same cohesive design as the rest of the home, here are a few home improvement options to transform your guest bedroom from drab to glam.

Partition the Room By Function

Though decorations can bring a room together, the quality of a guest bedroom starts with its functionality. A guest bedroom should have a bed, but it should also have appropriate furniture, such as bedside tables and a dressing area.

Using Eye-Catching but Functional Nightstands

Nightstands are an important element in a guest bedroom, as it gives your guests a place to put their phones, keys, alarm, and any important accessories they brought with them on the trip. Even if you don’t have a proper nightstand for your guests, improvised furniture can feel at home in a space. For example, a garden step, shelving unit or toolbox may function as a quirky nightstand in the right guest bedroom.

Creating a Dressing Area

When a guest is staying at your house, it’s important to ensure they have a place to dress and plan their appearances for the day. The addition of a vanity can ensure guests have exactly that. A vanity or dressing table with a mirror will give guests somewhere to change, store their clothing, and get ready for the day. Don’t worry too much if the elements of your dressing area don’t match: By mixing and matching complementary colors and patterns, you can create a unified design regardless.

Quality Lighting All Through the Room

Homeowners can never go wrong with natural light. It opens up a room and leaves it feeling fresh and clean, and it can help make guests feel at home. (Be sure to include window dressings, both to jazz up the room and to provide some privacy from the window!)

In the evening, lamps and light fixtures throughout the room will brighten it up and give your night owl guests extra light after dusk.

Tie the Room Together With Bedroom Decor

Once the function of the bedroom has been nailed down, you should tie everything together with small accessories and additions.

  • Flowers. Flowers provide a pop of color for guests, brightening up the space and creating a focal point to draw the eye.
  • Clocks. While most people are dependent on their phones, having an alarm clock on the nightstand can ensure there are no mishaps for guests. Try to get one that pairs with the prominent colors of the room.
  • Personal Touches. If someone is staying in your home, they’re likely your friends. Include personal photographs and memories throughout the room to make them feel connected to you.
  • Plush Everything Up. Adding throw pillows and an extra plush comforter can turn a bedroom from “comfortable” to “luxurious.” Make your guests feel pampered while they’re visiting you with some extra plush in the room.

A handful of small, cohesive elements can make a bedroom feel unified and luxurious for the guests staying in it.

It’s important to consider every element of a guest bedroom to ensure it’s suitable for an overnight or extended stay for your guests. Further enhance the experience by laying out snacks, providing water bottles and mugs for tea and coffee, and putting together a box of away-from-home necessities they might have forgotten, such as toothpaste, shampoo, or deodorant. Minding these extra considerations can wow your guests and make their stay at your house that much more memorable.