Tips for Restoring Carpet Water Damage

Carpet water damage can easily occur when interior or exterior flooding affects your property. The carpet fibres absorb the water beneath their surface, causing mould and mildew to grow. But before you can start thinking about restoring your carpet, it’s important to determine the water source that caused the water damage. Carpet can usually only be restored if the water came from a sanitary source. This is becausea sanitary source such as a leaking pipe doesn’t contain bacteria or other harmful elements. On the other hand, someforms of floodingare considered to be black water, such as an overflowing toilet. This means the carpet may not be able to be restored because it’s been contaminatedto the point where water damage carpet drying won’t help.

If your carpets have been damaged by sanitary water, here are four tips for restoring carpet water damage.

Remove Furniture from the Damaged Carpet

It’s essential to avoid anycontact with the wet carpet when it’s drying, so you should remove all furniture as well as anything that could cause stains or further damage. Furniture can damaged if it absorbs water from the carpet. If it’s dry outside, place furniture outside and remove all drawers, back panels and doors. However, it’s essential that wooden furniture pieces are not left to dry in the sun, as the rays can create deformations in the furniture. Instead, move furniture to a sheltered area that has good ventilation. It’s also a good idea to avoid walking on carpet that’s been water damaged, as the glue backing on the carpet can become separated from the carpet fibres.

Dry the Wet Carpet

It’s essential to start drying damaged carpet as soon as possible in order to prevent mould growth. When a flood has occurred, the first 48 hours are crucial, as this is when the greatest amount of damage usually is done. If flood damage isn’tattended to as soon as possible, mould can grow and bacteria can spread. The best way toachieve water damage carpet drying is by using a dehumidifier or wet-dry vacuum.

Shampoo the Carpet

Emergency carpet cleaning in Melbourne with a shampoo solution can help restore water damaged carpet after drying. Use a sponge to rub a commercial rug shampoo into the affected area of carpet. Use a stiff bristle brush if the carpet is deeply soiled, and rinse several times with clean water, squeezing out most of the water from the sponge each time. Make sure you change the water when it becomes dirty. When moving to the next area of the carpet, overlap the first area, as this helps prevent streaking when the carpet dries. Remember that even when a surface may appear to be dry, you must check that the base of the fibre is completely dried.

Call in Wet Carpet Damage Experts

When flood damage has occurred, it can be helpful to contact a company that specialises in carpet water damageand carpet repair in Melbourne. Professionals have the tools, knowledge and experience needed to safely restore carpet and can assist with carpet water damage repair, wet carpet drying, water extraction, building structure drying and mould remediation.They deal with wet carpet cleaning on a daily basis and can efficiently handle the job in less time than the average person could.