Tips for Downsizing When Moving Into a Condo 

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If you’re eyeing condos in Eden Prairie, MN and are planning to move from a sizable single-family home, downsizing may be on the to-do list. However, space need not be an issue to simply want to taper down possessions to ease the moving process. Here are some tips for a virtually stress-free downsizing experience.

Get Rid of Large Items and Furnishings First

You might be looking at units with fewer bedrooms, one without a formal sitting or dining space, or one lacking a patio. This means that quite a bit of large pieces can be sold, donated or passed on to family or friends. After all, you may not have room for the extra bedroom suit or large furniture and items that often grace formal and outdoor areas. Of course, these are just a few examples, so we recommend that you take along a tape measure when touring Eden Prairie condos to see just how much space you’ll have if you decide to invest.

Sort the Small Stuff Out

Label several boxes to separate out the small stuff that you definitely don’t want to keep: donate, trash and sell. When choosing and sorting, try to follow the standard ‘one year rule’ unless the item has high sentimental or monetary value. Remember, donations are tax deductible and through garage sales and online marketing outlets, you can actually make some money downsizing.

Got Old Boxes? Go Through Them Before Moving

You know you have them…boxes that have been packed for months and years that are filled with old tech gear, photos, family knick-knacks and maybe even old childhood artwork. Go through any boxes before moving to reduce your load and maybe even remind yourself of something ‘important’ you thought was long lost.

Hire a Professional Organizer

If you don’t have time or simply struggle to part with things, it may be wise to hire a professional organizer to assist you. These experts have a knack for helping clients make the tough choices and stay focused on the goal and the prize—moving into a new condo.

Are You Interested in Eden Prairie Condos?

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