Tips: Brilliantly Easy Closet Organization Hacks

When making the choice of furniture for your home especially when buying from Syracuse furniture store in New York, it is important to make sure that you not only get the best possible quality for the price paid but also make sure that you have enough room in the closet to accommodate your belongings. The choice of closets and wardrobes are all about space and as such should be optimized to accommodate the most.

Picking a choice of closet should be dependent on a number of factors including the available space for closet in your room and the number of clothing items and accessories which is expected to go into the closet.

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Managing the space in your closet may prove difficult but should you be interested in optimizing your closet for better organization, here are the most efficient recommendations to help you arrange your closet.

Try Rods

Need to create more room in your closet? Rods can provide you with the needed vertical storage space. Installing extra rods in the closet can give you more options for hanging your clothes. The rods should be arranged at different horizontal levels so that clothes are draped over one another.

Put your shoes somewhere else

Shoes take space in the closet and as such, you should relocate the shoes to a different location to allow more space for storing your clothes. Your shoes and other accessories which take up space could be relocated to a separate shoe storage cabinet or drawers.

Add pegs to closet doors

For closet doors which swing open, adding pegs to the door is an effective way of making space for your clothes. Installing pegboards on the interior may however be impossible in the case id sliding closet doors. Pegboard affords you additional space to hang clothing such as garments and accessories without overloading the internal rail.

Be a basket-case

Swinging closet doors could also be equipped with basket case which offers much storage space compared to pegboards. Hooking wire baskets to the interior of your closet may be used to store your delicates or accessories such as jewelry and folded shirts.

Consider outside space as well

Should you own a small closet space, you may want to consider the option of an outside storage space. However, the choice of a sliding door wardrobe may be the best in cases of a smaller apartment as it retains a small profile no matter how big they appear.

Use hooks

Shower hooks can be used to hang scarves, gloves, hats and hangers in the closet. Shower hooks can also be used to hold smaller items in place while making space for other items to go into your closet.

Recycle your solution

Use soft drink tabs effectively by attaching them to the hangers and attach another hanger to the tab. This allows you to hang two different items for every one hanger spot. For men with large tie collection, ties can be situated on the back of the closet space especially as ties do not take up space. Getting ties out of the way will help you keep your closet organized.