There’s A Bigger Issue Than Moisture When You Have A Damp Basement

The basement is a part of the house that is often least cared for and unattended because many homeowners mistakenly think that just because it is unseen, it means there’s no trouble. Ask any trusted damp proofing companies Kent and they would disagree. The truth is, moisture problems in basements are very common and when they are not seen by a damp specialist Kent, the situation can result in more damage, bigger expenses, and potential health hazards.

Damp proofing Kent based companies combined the following dangers that can arise from a basement with moisture damage:

#1 – Mould And Mildew Problems

If the basement waterproofing Kent is not done immediately, the basement becomes the perfect location for mould and mildew to grow. Houses that are always damp or humid encourage the growth of mould, mildew, and sometimes even fungi. As the infestation grows, the spores will easily spread all over the home, becoming a potential health hazard. It is important to get the services of damp proofing companies Kent at once to prevent mould growth.

#2 – Wood Rot And Structural Damage

A damp basement that isn’t attended to by a damp specialist Kent will also affect the home’s structural integrity. This is a major concern for homes with load-bearing pillars and floors that are made of wood. The moisture from the basement can easily seep through the wooden parts of the house causing them to rot from the inside and out.

It is of utmost importance to eliminate dampness and moisture before it can cause more damage throughout the house affecting everyone’s safety.

#3 – Increased Pest Problems

Pests such as termites, roaches, and all forms of rodents thrive in areas that are dark and damp. All the more when the area is secluded and human contact is very rare. This makes the basement the ideal nesting ground for pests. Add moisture and it becomes the perfect breeding ground for their offspring.

Consider a basement waterproofing Kent a project that will not only keep your home structurally strong but also void of pests and their nests.

#4 – Poor Indoor Air Quality

Everyone who owns a basement can relate to the “basement smell”. Even though basements aren’t meant to smell like fresh linen, they also aren’t supposed to emit a foul smell. The cause of the smell is possibly the excessive mould growth that is now affecting the indoor air quality. Just because it is in the basement doesn’t mean it won’t affect the entire home.

Act Now, Act Fast

Don’t wait until it is too late to call damp proofing Kent based specialists to get rid of the moisture in your basement. After the initial cause of moisture has been resolved, it is best to get the basement waterproofed as well. This will prevent any further damage for occurring time and time again.

Of course, the sooner you get the area waterproofed, the less you have to worry about health and safety issues caused by a damp basement.

JH Garlick is one of the most trusted damp proofing companies Kent. If you need basement waterproofing Kent, contact us today!