There is no toast without bubbles: only professional knows the difference

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If celebrating rhymes with uncork, bubbles are always the best choice. You must know that the main function performed by the glass is to give balance to the taste sensations of when you drink. A good glass connects the wine with the sensory organs and must be colorless and without writing. It goes well with glass or better with transparent, thin, perfectly dry and clean glass, with a stable stem and base.

Often the rating of a wine or may be penalized or highlighted depending on the choice of glass in which it is served. The wine must be preserved well to get the brilliance of the taste. And, who knows it better than the Materialist – the best collections of wine fridges that serving the wine lovers all across the globe for decades.

There are various types of flutes

Choosing the best glasses for your toast will not only be a question of style. Equally important will also be how you will preserve the magical bottle for your toast. The ideal dwelling will be the wine fridge or cellar.

Half-flute: This has the long and narrow body, which defines it best for the dry sparkling-wines with larger bubbles. The narrow diameter favors the slow development of carbon dioxide, allowing a good concentration of perfumes towards the nose.

Flute: It has a narrow and long body to encourage and appreciate the typical development of sparkling wines produced with the classic method. Its narrow diameter also favors the perception of delicate and fresh aromas.

Grande Flute: It is a flute with a wider belly and a narrow opening, useful characteristics for the oxygenation of wine and therefore the right development of complex aromas of classic and mature mills.

Cup: it is particularly indicated for aromatic and sweet sparkling wines. The remarkable aromatic charge of these wines makes them more suitable to serve in glasses with very wide openings, rather than in the flute.

Conclusion: Position to keep

The horizontal position to keep the bottles of wine at its best remains the undisputed. In this way, the wine will always remain in contact with the cap, keeping it moist and elastic, so that the bottle remains closed and sealed. If the bottle was kept in a vertical position, the cap would dry out, favoring the entry of oxygen into the bottle which would shorten the life of your wine. If the cork is healthy, remaining in contact with the wine will not cause defects. And, if the cork is faulty, your wine will know to stop even if the bottle is stored in a vertical position.

Preserving the wine bottle in the fridge needs no moon landing technology. You must choose the best wine fridges – and, that’s all.