The Ultimate Deal on Toilet Seats UK

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Best places to buy toilet seats in the UK

Let’s face it, we all need a toilet seat! But buying a new one isn’t something that you need to do very often. Yet, sometimes they get damaged, or you re-tile the bathroom and your old seat just does not go with the new décor. Here is a guide on the best places to go to buy toilet seats UK.

Buying on-line

If you do not need to touch your new toilet seat before buying, then purchasing one on-line is the way to go. And where else to start than the big beasts of the on-line retail market: Amazon and e-bay.

As you would expect, Amazon offers a very extensive range – just searching for “toilet seat” returns four hundred pages! At the top end of the market you can order: a seat that can be heated via a remote-control pad in your hand, or seats with slow-close lids, or luxury wooden ones. In the mid-range, there are seats for bidets, round seats, square seats, novelty seats, and children’s seats. And then there are the (I’m tempted to say “bog-standard”) seats in just about every colour you can imagine, made from porcelain, plastic, metal or wood. Amazon also carries a broad selection especially designed for wheelchair users, pregnant women, and the elderly.

As ever, e-bay has similar examples to Amazon, but also older or discontinued makes and brands. And second-hand, if you want to go there… Remember, you might be able to pick up a bargain if you purchase by bidding in an auction.

Of course, many other stores have websites, including Argos, Screwfix, and Homebase. There are even a couple of sites that specialise in replacement toilet seats:, and Choice Replacement offer a bespoke service where you can have a toilet seat tailored to your specific requirements…

The usual advantages of shopping on-line apply:

  • Most of these sites have flexible delivery options, including next day delivery.
  • You can easily compare prices across retailers.
  • It is delivered to your door, you do not have to carry it home.

Buying in store

On-line is not for everyone though. Perhaps you need a new seat today, or you want to touch and feel it before putting your hand in your pocket, or you are not on-line temporarily or at all.

Here again the choice is wide. Homebase, The Range, Bathroom Store, B&M, and Bathroom Warehouse, all sell toilet seats. You may have to pay a premium for purchasing in store but at least you will know exactly what you are getting and have it in your hands straight away.


In terms of price, you pretty much get what you pay for. Plumbers’ merchants, and specialist shops and websites, tend to be higher quality but also higher price, whereas the big, well-known stores offer slightly lower quality but a wider range, and cheaper prices. You pay more for unusual or bespoke seats, but less if you are content with an off the shelf model.