The presence of cameras as one of the needs related to home security

Currently no security system is over and if we talk about home, it is necessary to take all possible precautions to feel protected.

What should be taken into account

First of all, we should see our needs, to know what exactly we want to cover. While it is difficult to prevent possible situations of theft in homes, what is sought is to find a way to help identify later the thief. There are also parents who ask for cameras inside their house, in order to control when they leave their children under the care of someone.

Types of cameras

According to the expert on the subject, there are 2 types of cameras; IP (they emit images directly to the Internet without the need for a computer) and analogue devices. Both types can be connected to the network and can be viewed from the cell phone, the computer and through the Internet. Previously, the cameras were a luxury but now the use of them became a necessity.

As in all cases, there are different types of camera quality. For example, a 2.8 mm lens has a greater viewing angle when the lens is enlarged and more cameras are directed at a greater distance. While PTZ cameras (pan-tilt-zoom) can rotate around two axes, one horizontal and one vertical, as well as zooming in to focus on an area or object manually or automatically. In other words, this type of camera is capable of rotating in a vertical plane and in a horizontal plane, in addition to approaching or moving away manually or automatically.

To explain better, we talk about a basic equipment for a house, having specific points to control, such as the entrance of the house, the garage, the living room and the patio. Some types of new cameras can be connected with home security alarms if they catch something harmful.