The perfect Price to fit you right: Dubai


Dubai is one of the most populated cities in the UAE and the most important business hub for the whole of the Middle-East. It’s also a tourist attraction because it has BurjKhalifa, the tallest building in the world and so much more. Apart from Tourism, people visit Dubai for multiple reasons such as business, starting a family and settling down.  Dubai is one of the best places to stay in because of how modern and progressive it is. Dubai is a tax -free Nation and is not very strict on religious laws unlike the rest of the Middle-East. The liberty given to a person who comes from another country and settles in Dubai is brilliant. There is diversity with clothing, food, and culture, so you never feel like you are away from home.

The average cost of Dubai Real Estate:

Dubai is a city which has many places that available for Renting or leasing. The cost of real-estate in Dubai variates depending on what the client is looking for. Some places like Sports City charge an average of ₹25,383 / sqft. Others like AL Barsha South charge ₹5,000 / sqft.

What’s really important when selecting real estate is figuring out the criteria the client is looking for. This can include important places for recreational activities (Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Sports Centers etc.) or easier method to commute from home to a workplace. One of the best reasons to lease a place in Dubai is because it’s tax-free. This means that the client is free from other costs and can focus on investing in property with no issue. The prices of necessary requirements like electronics are sold at far cheaper prices as well and can go easy on the client’s wallet.

Why choose

We at are fully aware of the difficulty that comes with leasing a suitable place. We have a strong team that is dedicated to helping you find your dream property.  We have even established ourselves in important places like Mumbai and Gurgaon. Through our online catalog you will be able to easily find properties at different prices that are suitable for you. We take a lot of factors into consideration before uploading an available lease. We look into Supermarkets, schools. hospitals etc. which are within the reach of the area. Our understanding of how Dubai Real Estate functions is clear. We hope you find your dream property.