The Inexpensive Way to Re-do Your Kitchen

If you are looking for kitchen ideas to update but on budget, here are some suggestions. If your kitchen is beginning to look a little tired and dated, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to give the kitchen a fresh new look. All it takes is a little effort, creativity and a time to pep up your kitchen making it look brand new.


If the cupboards look at dated and out of style, then consider replacing the doors, if the original cabinets are still in fairly good condition. There are many companies that specialise in offering replacement doors for the do it yourself market and some that do the entire kitchen remodelling for you.

Few coats of paint

Also, you can give the cabinetry a refresh with a few coats of paint. Both options are a lot cheaper and less of a hassle than trying to replace the entire kitchen. Generally, paint is much easier and is the less expensive way to make over a kitchen. Opt for the colour that meets your need and the mood you are looking for.  If you choose a rich colour, then use a shade that has a calming effect, making the space an area to relax.

Avoid extremes

But, it is important to avoid any extremes, as there will be already a ton of activity going on in the kitchen and you do not want to seem busier than you are. Always opt for a paint of high-quality to make sure you have a finish that is durable. Finishing touches like artwork, soft furnishings, and shelve displays add significant character to a kitchen. An open-plan scheme can also be quite inviting and warm and have the added benefit of making the kitchen easy to update and replace every season or whenever you are ready for a new look.

Antique cookware

Antique cookware adds a bit of charm to classic and country kitchens. Great sources are antiques shops, eBay, and charity shops. Pieces that are affordable such as budget furniture for a kitchen area or an antique dresser with glass doors can be used for storing and showing off your grandmother’s favourite china.

Easiest and cheapest

Painting the kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to develop a new look. With a cream background, it is easy to give your kitchen a fresh feel by choosing from the latest colours available. Don’t forget that if you don’t fancy the job yourself, there are professionals that specialise in this very field.  They will replace your kitchen cabinet doors and leave you with a restyled fresh new look and feel for a fraction of what a new kitchen would cost.