The Importance of Fire Safety

In the workplace, it is crucial that you think carefully about the safety of your staff and any customers on site. A big part of this is fire safety.

Fire safety is probably part of your premises insurance and if you do not take it seriously you may be in trouble legitimately and you may well be taken to court. If a fire does break out, it should be contained and there should be a fire procedure so that everybody, including your staff and any clients on site, can evacuate properly and safely.

Possessing a proper fire plan also allows you to reduce the amount of damage caused on a property if a fire breaks out there.

Properly Placed Fire Extinguisher

Having properly functioning fireplace extinguishers on your property should participate in your assessments and fire protection plan. These should be positioned in appropriate areas throughout the premises, such as by fire exits and in areas that fire may easily break out there – like the kitchen. There should be the right number of fire extinguishers on the property too.

Contacting a Fire Safety Professional

You should also make sure that the extinguishers are properly mounted to the walls and that they do not have any protrusions or scratches on them. If you see anything that seems wrong about your fire extinguishers, you should contact a fire consultancy professional who will be able to repair or replace your fire extinguishers.

They may also be able to visit you on a regular basis and ensure the fireplace extinguishers comply with all latest health and safety laws. This offers you, as a business manager, the peace of mind that your property is safe and there is a procedure in place if the worst should happen and a open fire breaks out.

Training your Staff

Training on the fire extinguishers can also be beneficial for your employees. Lots of people may think they know how to use a fire extinguisher but in reality they might not know the proper processes, such as best places to primary the fire extinguisher at the flames if a fire really does crack out. Training can greatly improve your staff’s self-confidence and cool-headedness in the event of a fireplace.

By simply following these simple guidelines of fire safety and making sure your workplace is fully secured then you can be rest assured that in the unlikely event of a fire, you should have all the best equipment to help you. Because they say, it is often better to be safe, than sorry.