The history of wall mosaic -Jinyuan mosaic

WALL MOSAIC is an important kind of interior decoration material, because of its unique decorative,custom-made personalized, material enrichment, specification change diverse, environmental protection, such as waterproof unique nature, more and more become the important home advocate material today. In fact, as early as in 70-80 s we began to use the exterior wall of glass Mosaic and ceramic Mosaic, but by that time, the limitation of technology, etc, make the Mosaic single varieties, specifications and only several to choose from, so did not form the trend of the mainstream. But in 2000 years, Mosaic mold, cutting molding equipment technology development, make the Mosaic tile is the spring again. Today, the Mosaic tiles, in colorful form to become the darling of the decoration materials, avant-garde, the favour of fashionable home.

The author is a job in 2002, then has a new group of Mosaic tiles from Italy to China. Remember, the color of Mosaic are imported from Italy, so expensive, until 2004 years later China shandong a paint factory solve the warms technology in ceramic pigment, slowly drop down. Also from Taiwan in Mosaic tile kiln, the beginning of Mosaic tiles for up to 80 meters, is divided into 13 period of temperature control, is extremely difficult. Later, in China, foshan began to slowly according to the foreign stove improved. Make more energy conservation and environmental protection. The cost also slowly down. Capacity is becoming more and more big.

Mosaic tile cutting equipment, but also experienced a tortuous process, from the beginning of manual dichotomy points, to have the aid of L type Angle points, and then to use steel ball wear a piece of elastic steel wire to strike cutting edge type of grain, and then the emergence of the first rolling machine and automatic impact machine now, it is a Mosaic technology development history museum in China. As the first batch of Mosaic, witnessed the evolution history of the whole process. In fact, the evolution process of Mosaic, is China’s development from all walks of life. The start are unusually difficult luckily, technology is far behind foreign counterparts, in the process of the trial production of numerous engineers research improvement repeatedly, until completely beyond the foreign counterparts, in the meantime, embodies the we paid 1.3 billion people of great wisdom and difficult process. A history of WALL MOSAIC TILE, is a magnificent part of China’s economic history.

Mosaic tile is an English translation from Mosaic tile, original meaning Mosaic, Mosaic pattern, Mosaic process. Why general use Mosaic tiles, without Mosaic? The author thinks, should have two: one is to distinguish Mosaic of other meaning, let the definition of Mosaic more accurate, won’t produce toki righteousness. Secondly, the precision of the dielectric constant of the Mosaic properties. This is because the Mosaic belongs to the category of ceramic tile below a, or small ceramic tile. Our industry is more accurate classification thought: all sizes greater than 25 * 25 mm specifications, belongs to the ceramic tile, every specification is equal to or less than 25 * 25 mm is belong to the Mosaic.

In general, Mosaic tiles originated from ancient Greece, and the early Greek marble mosaics were most commonly used in black and white. Only the authoritative ruler and the rich and rich can afford to be artisans and purchase materials to express this luxurious art. By the time the late Greek Mosaic was developed, artists began to need smaller pieces of gravel and cut small stones to complete a Mosaic. In Roman times, Mosaic has been developing very common, common people residence and public building floor, metope is decorated with it, how wealthy Rome to appear at the time, make the Roman building luxury to the incredible degree. The golden age of mosaics came from early christians who came to Rome and were persecuted and could only party in the basement and other passageways. Since most people are illiterate, the walls of these basements have glass Mosaic frescoes describing Jesus Christ’s story. Constantine is legalized Christianity and vigorously promote the Roman emperor, Constantinople (Byzantine) of the church is decorated with a large number of Mosaic beautification, the use of colour is more and more, gold foil was fired in transparent glass to use. The character of the Sicilian Mosaic is the gold bottom. The Byzantine period was almost synonymous with the word Mosaic.

In modern times, Mosaic tiles are no longer limited to the original stone and church glass. But the application of almost all we can cognition of modern materials, greatly enriched the process and varieties of Mosaic. According to the material classification, Mosaic mainly include: gold foil Mosaic tile, glass Mosaic tiles, ceramic Mosaic tiles, Mosaic tiles, metal stainless steel Mosaic tiles, ceramic tile, crystal Mosaic shell Mosaic tiles. There are even people with horns, wood, leather and so on also applies to the Mosaic tiles. Coupled with the emergence of various specifications and shapes, greatly enrich the varieties of Mosaic.

Mosaic tiles in essence belongs to a kind of art, is a kind of civilization and the bearer of culture. The rise of the Mosaic tile design Renaissance and enrichment process is accompanied by the process of the whole European Renaissance. Works of some of the early Christian culture Mosaic, because Christianity spread again and again of the life, make the Mosaic increasing the charm of ancient art and conquer the thinking of modern artists, the results raised some painting artists and potter began to paint with mosaics and decorative arts. Modern Mosaic due to the progress of productivity, the continuous improvement of production technology level, decorative materials produced and used, Mosaic soon broke through the traditional Mosaic the range of material use. Today we have some of the most common to Jane the pattern, such as Chinese brake figure, Internet, live figure… In fact, it evolved in balot’s artistic style at the time.

Today, and we in the Chinese nation great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream realization process, the Mosaic of us is in the creation of the WALL MOSAIC IDEAS, create more response elements of Chinese culture, Chinese culture to the world in the Mosaic bearing, maybe that also one kind of the sacred mission of our mosaic suppliers.