The Essential Deals for the Proper Waste Collection

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With the onset of the colder season, critical weather situations are likely soon to be reckoned with. For the vehicles that are used for the garbage collection, it will certainly not always be possible to “get through” on time to each house. The Company asks for understanding, if in the case of snow and slipperiness, there should be adverse effects on domestic and organic waste disposal.

The entrepreneurs commissioned by the Company will endeavor, if possible, to comply with the known discharge dates. Areas, in which the waste containers cannot be emptied on time because of snow or ice, are traced as quickly as possible. The waste containers should be kept ready for collection until the end of the week. If the emptying was not possible until the end of the week and the days until the next emptying have to be bridged, the customers of the Company can use the rubbish for rubbish bags for the price of 6 dollars (disposal is included in the price) available at the municipalities. The bags can be placed next to the residual waste containers at the next emptying date. Fine deals for the waste collection Singapore are also there now.

The Proper Contents

If the contents of the biotens freeze because of the high moisture content in winter, the containers cannot be emptied or only partially. If possible, frozen organic waste should be detached from the barrel wall with a stick on the discharge day. It is helpful to lay out the biowaste bin with some layers of crumpled newspaper paper before filling it and wrap the biowaste in newspaper. Anyone who turns off their biowaste in a sheltered room (garage or cellar) can usually count on a perfect emptying anyway. If emptying of the vessel is not completely possible despite all precautions, the organic waste can be collected in cardboard boxes in such exceptional cases and placed next to the waste container on the next regular collection day.

Important: In the case of snow and ice, the residual waste and biot tons must generally be set up in such a way that they are easily accessible for garbage collection and can be moved without problems.

The garbage removal takes place in a weekly change:

  • Residual waste and yellow recyclable bag on the same day with separate vehicles
  • Biowaste bin and paper bin on the same day with separate vehicles.
  • The paper bin is emptied only every 4 weeks along with the biowaste bin.
  • The bio bin can be replaced by home composting.

If the collection date falls on a public holiday, then this discharge shifts to the next or the next working day. Any discharge following the holiday will be either on the usual collection day or one day later. Consequently, you can also ski on Saturdays. Pre-relocations no longer take place.