The best stunning worktop options for Wren Kitchens

The time has finally come when you can select the best worktop for your kitchen as the renovation works are almost done. The market is filled with many options to choose from and one should make an informed decision about their kitchen worktop. It should go seamlessly with the rest of the décor.

Choosing a worktop for your kitchen can be a hectic process all over, it is extremely important to choose the material which is right and works best with your house and kitchen in terms of design, colour and even cost. There are several companies that provide kitchen worktops such as slate worktops, quartzite worktops, marble worktops, grey quartz worktops to even concrete quartz worktops.

These companies have a whole brochure explaining each of the above-mentioned variants so that it helps a homemaker to choose from a wide range of stunning worktops for their kitchen. The various types of worktops available in the market are as follows:

  1. Laminate: A laminated worktop realistically mimics materials such as wood and granite for one-fourth of the price and helps the kitchen have an amazing look. With one year guarantee, low colour and pattern variation, laminated worktops are stain resistant with absolutely low maintenance.
  2. Luxury laminate worktops: Luxury laminate worktops are available in 32 colours, three edge banding profiles and three different thicknesses, summing 102 combinations. With two years of guarantee and low maintenance, these worktops are a smart choice, but they give low colour and pattern variations.
  3. Timber: Timber is a classic and contemporary choice and brings the natural beauty of wood into houses giving it a different and warm finish. Timber comes with five years of guarantee; it is extremely tough and hardwearing. Regular oiling improves it with age. There are no major colour variations available.
  4. Quartz: Quartz is one of the strongest minerals found in nature and has its own natural beauty. A quartz worktop is for sure an investment in style and substance. It gives an illusion of the marble worktops in the UK and even looks like London marble. With a guarantee of 10 years and lots of pattern variations, it is a really popular option.
  1. Corian: With a guarantee of ten years and available with some pattern and colour variations this is another popular material for worktops. It is preferred mostly for its consistency in appearance and uniformity. Word to the wise, periodic maintenance is required for Corian worktops.
  2. Granite: Granite is surely the most luxurious way to add a finishing touch to one’s kitchen. Granite is a natural stone made from volcanic magma. It comes with a long variety of colours, patterns. The colours of these slabs are unique and vary from source to source. It comes with ten year’s guarantees, but some maintenance is required to keep the new look intact.

Usually, quartz is most popularly used for kitchen worktops. Recently, the main trendsetters have been quartz and porcelain. Granite has its own beauty and so does timber (or engineered wood), but at the end of the day, it all depends on how one wants to decorate his/her house, and of course their budget.