The Beginners Guide To Smart Home/House Automation

Smart home automation is the wave of the future. It is building automation, but for the home called Smart Home or Smart House. With just simple commands,  you can take your home to the next level with just your smart device and the power of your voice. Whether it be for entertainment, security, even something as simple as turning on the lights or changing the temperature in your home, these technologies are making lives easier one step at a time.

  1. Home Security

Being able to have that peace of mind knowing that you and your home are safe is something that cannot be understated. Home security is becoming more and more popular as more and more people are finding out that it is so worthwhile.

Home security systems work by using motion and smash detectors that are placed on the interior of the home as well as the exterior. They work by using a central control panel which is the primary controller of the security system which can be armed and disarmed as the owner pleases. They also use wired as well as wireless cameras that can be placed wherever they are needed. A high decibel alarm is also installed as well and will emit a high frequency sound that will b triggered if there is a break in. This sound is loud enough to be heard from outside of the home so that even neighbors will be able to hear it. They also come with signs and window stickers so that people who would think about breaking and entering unto your home will think twice about it.

If an intrusion occurs, the high decibel alarm will go off which will then notify authorities that there is a break in happening at the residence. They will attempt to get ahold of you first through the Control Panel, but if they cannot get ahold of you they will call an emergency  number which will have been provided to them by you when you had the security installed. 

  1. Home Climate Control

So imagine that you are on your way home and it is freezing cold outside. Your home automation will know that you are close to home based on your smart device and will already start preparing for your arrival by turning up the thermostat to a comfortable temperature so the house is nice and warm for when you get home. This is possible through the home automation system. The system once installed acts as its own independent network that can be controlled by you remotely from your smart device from a distance outside of the home. 

  1. Home Audio Control

We live in a world where listening to music is the best way to enjoy the audio we have all come love. But we don’t just want to be limited to only listening to our music on our devices. Imagine that you come home and you have that one song that’s been stuck in your head all day long, but you don’t want to listen to it in your car or through your headphones. You can just sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and listen to it on your very own VSSL home speaker system. It allows you so stream your audio right into your home speakers. It is able to stream to up to six different zones all at the same time. It also can be playing up to six different types of audio in these six different locations. This is great if you are in your house and you are listening to something, but have to go into a different room of your house, but you still want to listen to what you are listening to.

It is a very simple yet very effective piece of technology to have in your home. It uses voice commands which is very nice to have if one of your smart devices isn’t readily available. It is also compatible with many different apps that are very familiar to the majority of people. 

  1. Smart Appliances

Smart appliances come in a variety of shapes, sizes and purposes. It is all dependent on what you need. There are appliances such as smart bulbs which can change to a variety of colors based on what you want. For example, if you get a text message from a friend, the bulbs will turn green if that is the setting you want. Once it gets later in the day you can program the bulbs to turn on. You can even make them go dimmer until they finally turn off. Or you can even remotely control them with your smart device. So if you need the lights to go out you can simply ask your virtual assistant to turn them off or you can do it remotely.

Other types of smart appliances include smart thermostats which you can use to control the temperature of your home. You can program it to be automatic or you can do it remotely. There are even smart outlets which are controlled via Wi-Fi and you ca have these regulate appliances that are plugged in. So if it is lights out for your children and you know they have their lights on in their room you can simply ask your virtual assistant to turn it off or you can do it yourself with your smart device. 

  1. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are one of the most amazing smart devices on the market today. These are the items that can control all of the other smart devices. This includes the security systems, appliances like climate control, lighting, music, you name it. There are a few different types of these virtual assistants available. Most notable of which is Google assistant, as well as Amazon Alexa as well as Apple Siri. They all serve the same purpose, it is all based on personal preference which on you would like to have the most. You will typically want to have them within a close proximity of you when you give them a command so that they will be able to hear you and respond to what you want them to do. Google and Alexa are more used for inside the home and controlling the home appliances while Siri is most used for matters on your smart device such as remotely controlling your devices. They are all very useful in their own right and are excellent pieces of technology to own that will make your life all that much easier and all with just your smart device and the power of your voice.