Tenant and Landlord Relationship: What To Do when It Gets Sour?

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Relationship Between Tenant and Landlord

Relationships between tenants and landlord can very quickly turn sour when the work required for towards the comfort of the first receiver is delayed when it comes to the execution process.

The owner of a dwelling place must deliver a perfectly habitable and safe apartment for the duration of the lease. It’s the law according to real estate agents such as Brad Roemer. Apart from minor repairs, which are the tenant’s responsibility, the landlord must also make all the necessary repairs to the dwelling during the whole duration of the lease. Except that from theory to practice, there is sometimes a gap to which the good or bad will of the landlord will show forth.

For Major Repairs

The landlord is usually responsible for major repairs when it comes to the apartment or condo unit. You do however have the obligation to warn them of any breakage or malfunction before the situation gets worse and as soon as possible. Major breakages could be the collapse of a staircase for example, the breaking of a heating system or the infiltration of water that causes mold and intense humidity in the unit.

If your landlord is slow when it comes to making these repairs or does not give you a response, you can therefore speak with the department that takes care of the housing projects in order to get the approval to make the repairs yourself. You must first obtain a detailed estimate of the cost of repairs and then keep the defective parts.

It is the housing project department that will decide on the necessity of the repairs and fix the amount and the conditions of their realization. In addition, it may authorize you to deduct future rent from the cost of the work. Above all, make sure that the housing department grants you the right to perform the work, otherwise it will become much longer and difficult toobtain your refund, if not impossible. Only certain situations that are particularly urgent and necessary justify an action without the authorization of housing department.

In the event that you are requesting for changes to be made when it comes to the repairs or heating, flooding anything at all and you are not receiving the help required from your Landlord it is recommended by Brad to simply bring the issue to your local department for the housing project and they will take care of the situation for you. Do not take matters into your own hands and try to fix the issue on your own, this may simply perpetrate the issue all together.