Styling Your Home With Ready Made Curtains

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It’s easy to overlook the window area when considering how you wish to style your home. You can spend hours looking at sofa patterns, comparing cushions, and deciding on the best possible strategic placement for your rug – but the window? That’s tougher to factor into your thinking.

Nevertheless, your window – and most pertinently, the window coverings you choose – are a vital component of the overall finish of the room. Below, we’re going to focus on how to enhance the overall style of a room with ready made curtains.

The benefits of ready made curtains

When choosing which window covering is right for your home, you have plenty of options to choose from. Roller blinds, Roman blinds, even tulle netting. However, by far the most popular choice is ready made curtains.

Ready made curtains are style made simple. The flexibility this choice offers you is endless, with ready made curtains able to be traditional, contemporary, or something in between. There is also a practicality to this choice. Ready made curtains are quick to open and close, and you don’t need to worry about dangling cords as you might with a blind.

Choosing the right curtain length for each room

The length of the curtains you choose can have a surprising impact on the overall ‘feel’ of a room – and you can make use of this when using ready made curtains to style your home. For example, you can use short curtains for your baby’s nursery – the shorter length creates a fun, childlike look. In a more adult space such as a dining room, opt for long, elegant, grand ready made curtains to help evoke mature sophistication.

Learning to use curtains and colour

You have two choices when it comes to choosing the colour of curtains for your room:

  • Choose a matching colour. For example, if a room’s colour scheme is grey, white, and red, you would choose grey, white, or red curtains. This kind of colour choice is by far the most popular and the easiest to achieve.
  • Choose a standalone colour. Alternatively, you can use curtains to exist in a world of their own. Returning to the idea of a grey, white, and red colour scheme, if you were opting for a standalone curtain colour, you’d pick a yellow or a bright green. Standalone colours are a way of adding another colour to a room and ensuring the curtain stands out, but it’s also incredibly difficult to get right, and the room may just look hotchpotch and mismatched rather than a deliberate style choice.

If you wish to explore the standalone route, it may be beneficial to try this first on a small window. This way you can see if you like the look without having to spend too much on a pair of curtains you may ultimately decide not to use.

Alternatively you could opt for the simplest, and arguably most stylish, finish, and choose curtains in a matching colour that coordinates with the rest of the room.  

In conclusion

While it’s easy enough to overlook curtains when deciding how you style your home, there’s no denying that ready made curtains can enhance the overall aesthetic of each and every room. By keeping the above considerations in mind, you can utilise ready made curtains as part of your effort to meet the style goals you have for your home.