Starting an Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Dropshipping Company

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If you’re looking for a way to generate a little extra cash or you feel strongly about “going green” or you want to share your passion for home renovations and updates, starting an eco-friendly home renovation dropshipping company may be something to consider. Breaking into the ecommerce market might not necessitate a significant investment of significant time and money if you consider the fact that embarking on an ecommerce business with predictable wholesale dropshippers can take the worry out of the supply-demand balance.  

Not sure if it’s right for you?

Dropshipping is a product fulfillment method that does not require an ecommerce business to keep its products in stock. If you decide to set up an online store that wants to sell eco-friendly home products, all you do is purchase the item from a third party and have it shipped directly to your customer.

There is little to no startup cost or effort and a wide range of products to sell, so you can quickly and easily set up a business website using a dropshipping site template and leave the rest to your suppliers who will shoulder the burdens of warehousing the product, shipping it, and supervising the employees required to pick and pack your orders. You can avail yourself of thousands of products and even test a few to see how they will do with your demographic.

One of the best advantages of dropshipping is that you can run your business from home, using a computer and the internet. This allows you to work around your family, home, and other job obligations. You are not tied to one location, and you will have the flexibility and freedom to make money wherever and whenever you want.

Not sure what to sell?

Take your cue from your eco-interest and knowledge of things utilized regularly in a home. Most homeowners are looking for items that can boost overall energy efficiency with little effort or expense. They want items that will assuage their environmental consciousness, minimize their carbon footprint, and maximize their household budget. They want items that look nice, work effectively, and make sense in their homes. There are many eco-friendly products for the home, garden, and life in general that are easy to include on your dropshipping site. Items like these might include:

  • Energy Saving Switches. Energy-saving power switches like those from Belkin, capable of drawing zero energy and wi-fi enabled power outlets connected to technology like Alexa, are just a few of the energy efficient and affordable smart home products available to sell.

  • Compostable Cutlery. Rather than filling up those garbage bags and adding to the landfills, plan to sell compostable cutlery. A pack of 24 includes eight knives, eight spoons, and eight forks, along with a healthy sense of environmental awareness.

  • Smart Thermostats. Homeowners may want to replace their old thermostat with one of the many available smart thermostats that have been tested and reviewed. These thermostats can save up to $150 a year when used to maximize efficiency, and many have fun features like voice-activated controls and apps.

  • Reusable Sandwich wraps. Packed lunches are innocent enough, but when you multiply them by each student at a child’s school, the amount of single-use wrap increases exponentially. Instead, offer your consumers a reusable sandwich wrap made from recycled PET bottles that eliminate the plastic pollution from lunch or anytime wraps would otherwise be used.


  • Low Flow Shower Heads. Environmentally conscious homeowners strive to maintain the balance between having a low flow that reduces usage and having a satisfying shower experience. Gallons-per-minute and pressure compensation technology used by most brands will help you find the best shower heads to offer on your dropshipping site.


Not sure if an eco-friendly home renovation dropshipping company will work?


Running a successful business requires time, effort, and energy. Even if you are not making the product, there will still be things you must do to make your business work. Plan to invest time in developing and maintaining a business website. Learn about useful apps that can be added to your site, and plan to set up payment platforms. Find visual images of the many products that consumers want and write interesting descriptions of them. Organize a means for responding to consumer questions, suggestions, and complaints, and emphasize your social goal of improving the environment in your company mission statement. All of this means work for you, but if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time and effort, it can be a highly successful business proposition.


What are some items you think would sell well for an eco-friendly dropshipping ecommerce business? Feel free to share your ideas here.