Smart Bathroom Setting by the Best Handyman

Because the bathroom faucet is an essential element, it is not only practical and ergonomic but it is also a decorative object in its own right. Mixer, mixer, shower faucet or sink, there is a wide variety! How to make the right choice? Here are some tips to see more clearly.

The different types of bathroom faucet

There are several:

The mixer

Equipped with 2 handles, for cold water and for hot water, this tap makes it possible to obtain water at the desired temperature by actuating either one or both.

With its single handle, the mixer taps the water temperature and its flow according to the pressure exerted upwards and to the side.

The thermostatic mixing valve

It has 2 handles, one of which allows you to determine the temperature to the nearest degree and the other adjusts the flow. Suitable for children and the elderly, this tap blocks the thermostat at 38 ° maximum to avoid any risk of burns.

In order to choose the ideal faucet for your bathroom, do not hesitate to ask for advice from your plumber.

The particularity of the bathtub faucet is that it has two outlets: the spout of the faucet to fill the bath and the hand shower to wash. In common parlance, it is referred to as “bath / shower faucet”. There are different types: mixer, single mixer or thermostatic mixing valve.

Points not to miss

Before you start buying bath faucet, here are some criteria to consider that will help you in your decision making.

The use of the tap

Indeed, what will be the use of your faucet? The installation will be different. The lavatory faucet must be chosen at the same time as the basin so that it is high enough to slide its hands below and deep enough to ensure the evacuation of water. The bathtub faucet has an inverter to let the water out of the spout or the shower. In general, it attaches to the wall but can very well be positioned on the beach of the bath with the help of a pair of balusters. Finally the shower faucet is placed exclusively on the wall.

The style of faucet

For a harmonious bathroom, think of matching all your faucets or on the contrary let speak your creativity and mix genres. Stainless steel or chrome, design or retro lines, it’s up to you. An expert from SGHomeNeeds can only confirm about it.

Expert advice for high quality faucets

The choice of a faucet is part of the aesthetic but retain that the features must be adapted to the needs of everyday life. A plumbing professional will provide you with sound advice and offer quality faucets and in addition, complying with European standards. Once your purchase is complete, remember not to neglect the cleaning of your faucets for an optimal lifetime.