Sliding Doors and the Adaptable Workspace

Businesses are always trying to skirt the line between working within their budget and giving their team the tools that they need to succeed, and deciding where your business is homed offers no exception. A quality office in a downtown building comes at a premium, but the budget option lacks the basic divisions needed for utilizing the facilities. With a bit of architectural ingenuity and the use of sliding partition walls and doors, you can go beyond the perfect office space by adapting that imperfect building or barren warehouse.

How Do Moving Walls Adapt an Office Space?

While moving walls don’t actually make an office bigger, they do allow you to use the space for multiple purposes as your needs dictate rather than restricting them to one specific use. For a basic example, take a 12′ by 12′ room with two doors on opposing walls. It’s a bit too large for a single office, but the enclosed space can make it difficult for two or more workers to share the space. By placing movable walls through the center, the room can be swapped between two separate offices with independent entrances and a shared workspace where ideas are shared openly for collaborative projects quickly and easily.

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You may also have considered warehouse or another large venue for your business in order to get your real estate in bulk, but using an expansive space for anything other than large meetings and events is less than ideal. Even with a tall roof, movable walls can be used to cut the space of a warehouse up into nearly any shape imaginable. In just a small corner of the space, two classroom-sized environments can share access to a wide whiteboard for seminars and a high-quality television display by placing them on a rotatable wall panel. When class is done, the walls can slide back for an afternoon address from a special speaker that everyone on your team can join in without phoning in from the other office.

Implementing Adaptable Design in Your Workspace

The above examples are just a glimpse of what’s possible with a bit of architectural know-how and adaptable surfaces. If you’d like to know more about how your particular office space can be reconfigured on the fly, contact Richards-Wilcox Hardware for a consultation tailored to your business’s needs and capabilities. Our specialty door hardware can be used to create adaptable environments everywhere from the office to the barn.