Signs That You Need A Thorough Electrical Upgrade

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Two main reasons will demand an electrical service upgrade for your home: increased demand for electricity and if the power turns out to be unsafe. In either way, an immediate electrical service upgrade is necessary to avert problems with electricity. Having an electrical system that cannot handle your daily demand for electricity is extremely hazardous. It is one of the leading causes of electrical fires, blown out fuses and tripped breakers. 

Understanding the Electrical Panel 

As a business or homeowner, you need to have some basic understanding of how electricity connected to your home works. The electrical panel serves as the entry point for electricity that is connected to your home or business. Once the electricity is tapped from the main supply line, it is taken to the electrical panel from where it is distributed to different areas in your home or business. 

Besides acting as a point of distribution for power in your home, the electrical panel also serves as the first line of protection against the high levels of electricity flowing from the main line. Every circuit has a fuse or a circuit breaker if you live in a modern house. Whenever there is an electrical surge, or the electric power reaches unsafe levels, the circuit breaker is designed in a way that it will flip automatically to the off position. It, therefore, prevents current from flowing to that circuit. Circuit breakers are lifesavers in that they can prevent the worst from happening due to unexpected electrical surge. 

Signs That You Need to Upscale Your Electrical System 

If your current electric panel is too small, then it might not be able to meet your electricity needs. It mostly happens when you add new electrical equipment or high-powered appliances to your home. If your circuit breakers keep tripping, then it is a sure sign that you need to upgrade your current electrical system. 

If you have recently renovated your kitchen, installed a new HVAC system, added a room, and added a new bathtub or any other appliance that consumes huge amounts of electricity, then you should consult a qualified electrician for an electrical upgrade. This could be as simple as adding a new circuit to your existing electrical panel or commissioning a full-service upgrade of the entire electrical panel. If you hire experienced electricians such as the Teaslec Electrical Services, they can help in evaluating your electrical needs and advice accordingly. 

Signs That Your Electrical Panel Is Unsafe 

If you have moved to an older home and you have never upgraded your electrical system, then you need to call an electrician for inspection for your safety and uninterrupted supply of power. Many of the old electrical systems comprise the fuse box, which is not as safe as their modern counterparts. Modern electrical panels have many built-in safety features for enhanced safety. 

The fuse box utilizes fuses to cut off current flow rather than circuit breakers. They comprise of a filament which is designed to melt when there is an overload, thus cutting off the power. However, some homeowners are tempted to replace the blown fuses with oversized fuses. This can lead to overloading of the circuit thus allow more electricity to pass through than needed.