Signs That It’s Time to Consider New Windows

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There are several ways that windows ‘communicate’ to owners that it’s time to consider replacing them. Once you’ve gotten the message, it’s best to consider custom window installation in Pleasant Valley to ensure that the job goes smoothly. These experts will help you determine whether repairs or replacements are necessary and help you choose the perfect windows for your needs. Here are some indications that new windows may be in order.

Obvious Signs of Damage

Some of the telltale signs of windows that have been compromised may be obvious and include issues such as:

  • Warped Windows
  • Broken Panes
  • Drafty Windows
  • Sticking Windows
  • Failure to Stay Open
  • Panes Fogging Up

Certain minor issues such as broken panes, hardware failure, and worn weather-stripping can often be repaired. However, problems like drafty windows or warped frames may call for replacement windows.

It’s Time to Give the Home a Facelift

Windows that have fallen out of fashion are likely approaching their life expectancy, so remodeling the home creates the perfect opportunity to install new windows. Worn out windows age a home, as do old screens and storm windows. Boost curb appeal and aesthetics with modern window replacements that suit your design style. Those renovating a historic home will want to seek the expertise of a custom window installation professional in Pleasant Valley. An expert can help owners with installations that offer historically accurate results.

Increasing Energy Bills

Are those utility bills rising inexplicably? Drafty windows may be the silent culprit. According to, utility expenses can increase 10-25 percent due to worn out or inefficient windows. Windows have a variety of energy-related factors and features today to consider such as dual or triple-paned windows and models featuring insulated glass.

If you are considering custom window installation in Pleasant Valley, contact the experts at Precision Glass Services to schedule a consultation.