Selling stuffs Online: Simplified

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Are you looking to sell some stuff online? Are you looking for a commercial space to open your dream office? Well, you can get a galore of options from classified section of any local newspaper. You just need to check if the advertisement has all the factors that you have been searching for.

Local classifieds are best suited as you get what you are looking for in your own vicinity. Knowing a place beforehand is always a bonus. Local newspapers, magazines and internet are some of the best source of classified advertisements. People from different strata opt for classifieds as it is very easy to post and most of the time they are free! You can post anything you want to sell. Pick up an online platform which deals with classified advertisements, click the picture what you intend to sell, write a description to support it and you are good to go! Just post it. Within no time you will be flooded with calls and queries from buyers who are interested to buy the products. Do not give too much scope to the buyers to negotiate with the price. Stick to the price that you have mentioned but as you are selling old stuff, keep the price reasonable in accordance to the usage of the product. On the contrary, if you are selling your property, quote the market price and mark the same as “fixed price”. This will ensure only serious buyers will get in touch with you and intern there will be lesser hassle.

In newspaper, classified advertisements are not free of cost. They charge per word basis or by the length of the advertisement. They charge extra if you want to highlight your advertisement. If your ad runs in a separate box from the rest of the ads, it will cost you more. Sometimes after spending so much money, your advertisement remains unnoticed and don’t get proper buyer. After a short span of time, your advertisement will get discontinued and if you want to post again, then you need to pay again.

It is best to post your advertisement online under local classifieds sections. Most of the time, it’s free of cost. If you want your advertisement to get special preference or pin it to the top, you can opt for sponsored advertisement post. For sponsored posts you need to pay some platform fees which is nominal but, it varies from one platform to the other. Let’s check how online local classifieds are the best:

  • The advertisement reaches out to most number of people at the same time
  • The ad will pop up with any other related one. For example: You are selling an old laptop, you categorise it under “Electronics”. Each time someone searches for any electronic gadget, your ad will pop up
  • You will get the best price for your product as it will be searched by countless people every minute
  • It is very easy to post your ad so, it is hassle free but you will fetch most out of it

So, what are you waiting for? Use local classifieds judiciously and sell all those unused products that you were intending to sell from so long! Give it a try, and it will be surely a win-win situation for both the parties!