Self Storage, Temporary or Long Term Storage

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Self storage is an affordable way to store your belongings during a short period of time, while moving into another place / location or for a longer period of time. By having a safe place to store your items you can make life a whole lot easier.  

Here are some of the benefits of self storage in Stroud.

You have to declutter your home

If your belongings are taking over and your house is starting to look like a hoarders paradise, it might even be hard to walk through your house comfortably, or if you have bulky items you no longer need but you can’t see yourself departing with just yet, renting a self storage unit is the answer.

You are a frequent traveler

Your job might require you to travel from city to city very often or you might be a keen traveller exploring the world. And let’s face it; you can’t transport your household items with you every time you leave the home. Getting yourself a self storage unit is the best idea as you can leave your valuable items and know they will be protected while you are away travelling.

Moving back home

If you have to move back in with your parents for whatever reason, they might not have the extra space (because they turned your room into a gym) for your all of belongings. Getting yourself a self storage unit will solve your problem by giving you space and it will keep your parents off your back as well as peace of mind.

For your business

If you have extra equipment, office supplies, or business inventory, a self storage unit can be an excellent option for you. Having space off-site to store additional business related items will help to keep the workspace not only organised but looking good for when clients pop in for a coffee.

You need to transition after a break-up

Break-ups are difficult enough. And worrying about your belongings and where they are going to go, is even more stressful. Your solution? You can rent a storage unit on a monthly basis until you find yourself a new place to live.

You have retired

Many people tend to downsize once they retire. Whether you need storage for a few boxes full of sentimental items or storage for bigger items, there are a wide variety of units to meet your unique requirements.

You need to store items for winter

Living in harsh winter weather conditions especially in the UK, it is a good idea to protect your garden equipment, and furniture from becoming ruined by storing them away for the winter months. You can even store your summer clothing if you have limited space in your home.

You have decided to downsize

Before you move into a smaller home, you might want to consider a self storage unit. This will help greatly while you decide what you need to get rid of and what will fit into your new home. And if you have furniture that you are not ready to get rid of, consider placing them in a self storage unit.

This is only some of the benefits of getting yourself self storage space. And maybe it is just another saying for ‘walk in wardrobe’.