Searching For the Best Outdoor Sofa in Singapore!

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I have always wanted to set up an outdoor living room. So after moving to a new home with a balcony, I am very excited to start shopping for furniture and other decors. I already know what I want to set up in mind. So, I started looking for the best sofa that I can find in Singapore. Its difference from shopping for an indoor sofa is that you have to consider a lot more aspects like the weather and exposure of your sofa.

When I search online for furniture stores in Singapore that offers a wide range of sofa, I came across Danish Design Co and their wide range of authentic designer furniture from a lot of iconic designers. If you are looking for a worthy investment, they have the best collection in the market. They have a wide range of sofa designs that’s all available in Singapore. You can browse through their website and you can start shopping for your preferred designs.

I further did some research and I found out that the reason why they are one of the best sofa retailers in Singapore is that their products have a short shelf life. Which means that it is not stuck in their inventory room for a long time. Aside from that, they also adhere to international environmental standards which include eliminating toxic materials and carcinogens in their furniture. See? It’s stylish and environment-friendly at the same time!

So, I browsed through their website (and, oh, the Search bar is functioning really well) and searched for “outdoor sofa in Singapore”.  And just like that, they showed me a smorgasbord of stylish, elegant, and unique outdoor sofa that drools my shopaholic heart. Here are some of my top picks:

Newport Outdoor Sofa: It’s like an instant vacation ambiance. The woven straps and deep seating makes you feel like sitting on top of your rest house near the beach. I like how they combine the pebble frame with soft cushion sets in carbon. Get the cocktails ready, because these outdoor sofas will bring you to the beaches of Maldives!

Moon Island Outdoor Sofa: This sofa made me so excited to throw an intimate and sophisticated party in my balcony. It’s perfect to hold conversations between family and friends; you can be playful with how you rearrange chairs and tables. It’s like having your own private lounge at home.

Evento Outdoor Sofa: Sundays and family is what I immediately imagined upon seeing this sofa. It’s the classic design that has seat spaces, footrests, and removable cushions – plus it looks easy to maintain. I want to have this in the balcony for weekend siesta while catching up with my family and friends, sharing cups of tea and pastries.

I’m sure you can still find more sofa stores in Singapore but, for me, Danish Design is the best way to do. Danish Design is known for their classic, functional, and long-lasting designs. The quality and authenticity of their work is unparalleled and it’s something that you want to preserve for generations and generations. It’s the type of craftmanship that I want to see on my balcony. It’s something that I will be proud to display for my friends and relatives to see.