Remodel your Bathroom with an Easy to Clean Design!

Scrubbing your old bathroom on Saturdays is not something to enjoy. If you are like most people, you will know how boring it is to spend your Saturdays cleaning bathrooms. We can find better things to do in our free time other than cleaning.

When people think of their dream bathroom, they imagine a relaxing retreat, ample storage for saving toiletries, and a luxurious shower. Keeping your bathroom easy to clean can be priceless, it saves your time, reduces cleaning headaches, keeps it hygienic and mold resistant and ensure you get to do better things. Imagine having a pleasant looking, fresh smelling, and mold-free bathroom! It is certainly possible! If you are planning bathroom remodeling Denver, here are some tips to consider that will create a low maintenance beautiful space making sure your Saturday mornings are spent relaxing.

Let’s start with cleanliness!

What should be avoided having in the bathroom?

Try to reduce the yucky things with your bathroom design. It’s no fun spending your time in cleaning your bathroom, and the shower screen keeps accumulating grim, and going behind the toilet to scrub it is really not something we desire to do.

There are many other unpleasantries which can spring up to our mind including when we think of a tired bathroom, very small tiles, weak exhaust system and more. It is a great idea to make sure you are proactive about the upgraded bathroom having as little as possible to worry about.

Less is more!

One best way of approach to creating an easy to clean bathroom is to start with the basics, best summarized as Less Is More!

The fewer the corners, touch points, cluttered space, grout, the less there is to clean. This means, for an easy cleaning bathroom design the very first step you should take is to find and fit the products with bathroom remodeling Denver that have less to worry about.


The ground is the hardest part of the bathroom to clean. At times the stubborn grout stains will not come out with the strongest bleachers and acids. So, why not prevent ground being a problem? For practicality and cleaning, larger tiles have many advantages over smaller ones, perhaps the best relates to the ground. Largest tiles mean less grout, making sure it becomes less noticeable! The easy to clean floors and shower walls use large tiles.


The next piece of the puzzle to consider is your cabinetry. Don’t collect a bunch of crannies and nooks. Don’t go for overly busy door styles that will collect a bunch of dust. With Denver bathroom remodeling, if you prefer to make it easy to clean, go for flat slab doors with a beautiful piece of hardware on it. In such a case, you can just wipe down the cabinet doors.


Moving onto countertops, natural stones are harder to take care than quartz products. There are many amazing quartz products out there. They come with a lifetime warranty. The make it easier to clean and look like a natural stone as well if that is what you are gravitating to.

There are great ideas and product to keep your bathroom looking at its best. Keep an eye out to select the best while choosing for bathroom remodel Denver  whilst preserving its pleasant look.